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Filing a Report

For incidents of sexual violence, assault, or harassment

You may always file a report with the Title IX Coordinator:

Title IX Coordinator
Carla Costello Ed.D.
Deputy Compliance Officer
108 James Blair Hall
College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Students and other individuals may also choose from one or more of these options.

Collapsible list reporting options
Online reporting (includes mandatory reports made by faculty & staff)

Online reporting is available using the Title IX Report Form.

  • As mandatory reporters, faculty and staff who are making a required report -- reporting information about an incident affecting someone else -- do not have the option to submit this form anonymously.  Mandatory reporters must provide all details and information available to them when filing a report.
  • Students, parents, or others with concerns about students may submit a report either anonymously or with their identifying information included.

Reports also may be emailed to [[reportconcern]].

In-person or email reporting 

Reports relating to students:
Dean of Students
Sadler Center, Suite 368

Any type of Title IX report:  
Office of Compliance & Equity
James Blair Hall Suite 110

Anonymous reporting options
  • Anonymous reports may be filed physically using the secure dropbox located outside of the Office of Compliance & Equity on the first floor of James Blair Hall.  
  • William & Mary Police may accept anonymous reports of sexual assault, which will be included in the university's crime statistics if appropriate under the Clery Act.  (757) 221-4596.  Please note that if you provide the Police with specific information, such as names, they will be obligated to share that information with the Title IX Coordinator.  
Reporting for criminal prosecution -- reporting to the police

Sexual assault and some other forms of sexual misconduct are crimes, and may be reported to law enforcement for investigation.  

William & Mary staff members can help students file a criminal complaint, if desired.  

Students and staff may report to the police and also report internally.  You do not need to choose one or the other.  

Other options

W&M has a number of confidential resources -- people and offices with whom you can speak without any other report being made.  

More information about other campus and off-campus resources and support is available online.