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Appendix C

APPENDIX C: Removal and/or Storage of System Elements

In the event a System Element needs to be removed, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Renovation - when a building is being renovated, all building System Elements will be stored by Facilities Management and returned to the building, as close as possible to the original location when renovation is complete. If necessary, a smaller System Element, approved by these same guidelines, will be placed with text noting the renovation dates.
  • Area or unit moving to a new facility or razing of a building – System Elements should be removed by Facilities Management and where possible, displayed in the new building. University Advancement will be notified regarding donor recognition System Elements that cannot be appropriately displayed in an alternative location/facility. University Advancement will work with the donor to determine the disposition of the plaque.
  • Facilities Management will take a photo before destruction of the System Element, sending the photo to Archives prior to disposal of the actual System Element.
Archival Process of System Elements
  • Any System Element removed by the university will be photographed, recorded and sent to Swem Archives.