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Appendix A

APPENDIX A: Initiation of System Elements in/on University Facilities and Grounds

 Generally, buildings are identified by name and address alone, not by the departments or offices within. Building-specific signage will be at or near the principal entrance. Signage for buildings that have no formal name will include only the cypher and address.  Parking lots are identified by name, address and restrictions. 

The need for a System Element is generally driven by construction or renovation activity. As a result, text for System Elements will initially be drafted by University Operations.

 A donor recognition System Element is intended to recognize significant support for W&M and its programs. Therefore, individual department requests for donor recognition System Elements will be forwarded to the Vice President for University Advancement for approval and drafting of appropriate text.

All requests for System Elements will originate and be processed through the FAMIS work order system.  In the instance of the Historic Campus (Wren Building, President's House and Brafferton) the Office of the President will work with University Operations for wording, design and placement.

 To allow time for review and fabrication, requests must be submitted to the appropriate department twelve (12) weeks before installation is required.

 Requests must include the following:

  • Person or department initiating the request.
  • Person or event to be recognized.
  • System Element justification.
  • Proposed wording for System Element. Note: The number of characters for plaques specifically is limited. Unless special approval is obtained, plaques are limited to: "Gift of... ", "In honor of... ", "Made possible by... ", or "In memory of... " All wording must be consistent with university branding, design, and language protocol.
  • Proposed location for the System Element.
  • Proposed installation date.
  • Expectation/requirement for System Element unveiling event/reception.
  • Consistency with W&M Design Guidelines.

The responsible University Operations office will edit and review proposed language and design based on standardization of the System Element program. The office will also initiate and draft wording for System Elements that are not of departmental origin.  Drafts and any suggested instructions will be sent to the Secretary to the Board of Visitors, for final review. The Chief Operating Officer has final approval for all text, design, and location. 


The responsible University Operations office will execute production of all System Elements. The office will determine the final location after consultation with a departmental representative, if appropriate. The office will originate the work orders for installation, if necessary.