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Appendix A: Determination Conference Guidelines

The Deciding Official has discretion to modify these guidelines based on individual case circumstances. 

  1. Introduction. Introduction of individuals present. Review of agenda, rules and expectations. All parties are expected to have reviewed the investigation report, the contents of which will not be reiterated at the hearing. 
  2. Party Interviews.
    • Deciding Official questions the Respondent
    • Deciding Official questions the Reporting Party
  3. Additional Interviews. If deemed necessary, the Deciding Official may question investigators, witnesses, other individuals.
  4. Break (20 Minutes).

The parties are provided 20 minutes to confer with their advisors and prepare questions regarding any of the preceding interviews conducted by the Deciding Official. 

  1. Follow-Up Interviews. After deliberating and reviewing the proposed questions, the Deciding Official may have additional questions, formulated independently or based on the questions submitted by the parties, for the parties, investigators, or other witnesses.
  2. Final Statements. Any party present may make a brief statement, if desired.
    • Statement by Reporting Party (10 minutes)
    • Statement by Respondent (10 minutes)

The Determination Conference will be recorded by the university and a transcript provided to any party upon request.