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Policies Under Development

Significant new policies, proposed policies, and policy revisions are available here.

Proposed Policies and Regulations

Significant proposed policies, regulations and policy revisions or amendments are published here, in draft form, for campus comment, as part of W&M's Policy Program.

New Policies

Policies adopted within the past six month are highlighted below.

  • The Provost office & OCE have a new Policy on Protecting Minors. The purpose of this policy is to bring awareness to the presence of minors participating in university-related programs and activities on university property and in university facilities.This policy also requires university employees to report any instances of known or suspected abuse or neglect of minors as mandated by Virginia law.
  • The Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (previously the Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct) has been amended and implemented effective 30 September 30, 2019.
  • The Smoking Policy (pdf) has been updated and has expanded the definition of smoking to include e-cigarettes and vaping. The Policy is now finalized and effective July 1, 2019.
  • The Financial and Administrative Policy and Procedures for Formation and Operations of Centers Policy has been implemented by the office of the Provost effective January 16, 2019. It sets forth the policies and procedures by which Centers formed to facilitate achievement of the university’s instructional, research, and outreach missions are to be organized and operated. 
Policy Notification

These are policies previously proposed and being finalized, or current W&M policies that are being reviewed and may be updated, revised, or eliminated. 

  • In coordination with the President’s Office and Executive Leadership Team, W&M’s Office of Compliance & Equity has drafted a new policy to guide the creation and maintenance of university policies and procedures. The whole-university approach to the process aims to ensure a collaborative review of potential policies and to standardize the review procedure and timeline for existing policies. These guidelines apply to local, interim, administrative and Board of Visitors policies. The draft is available for review until May 15

Proposed Policies Under Development or Significant Revisions

This is a non-exhaustive list of new policies that are being drafted, considered, or planned.  They may or may not come into being.  If you have questions or suggestions about these policies, please contact the Office of Compliance & Equity. 

  • Policy on employee contact with federal and state government officials. Under development by the Office of Governmental Affairs.  
  • Policy on domestic travel is under development.