Policies Under Development

Significant new policies, proposed policies, and policy revisions are available here.

Proposed Policies

Significant proposed policies and policy revisions are published here, in draft form, for campus comment, as part of W&M's Policy Program.

The proposed Designation of Funds as Donation/Gift or Grant/Sponsored Program Policy is available for review and comment until November 8, 2017. This policy establishes guidelines for distinguishing between two types of funding given to the university or an associate foundation: gifts and grants. Submit comments or questions using the Tribe Response Form.

New Policies

Policies adopted within the past six month are highlighted below.

Policies Under Review or Finalization

These are policies previously proposed and being finalized, or current W&M policies that are being reviewed and may be updated, revised, or eliminated. 

  • The proposed Family and Medical Leave Act Policy was available for review until September 18. It is now being finalized. This policy ensures that the university complies with the Family and Medical Leave Act, which guarantees eligible employees with unpaid leave in certain situations
  • The proposed University Catalogs Policy was available for review and comment through June 30, 2017. It is now being finalized. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that official university Catalogs are archived and readily available for use by the university’s students, alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, and external constituents. The policy is being adopted in compliance with SACSCOC requirements. 
  • Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest.  This policy was adopted in 1995 and has not been updated.  Proposed revisions are underway.   
Ideas for New Policies or Significant Revisions

This is a non-exhaustive list of new policies that are being drafted, considered, or planned.  They may or may not come into being.  If you have questions or suggestions about these policies, please contact the Office of Compliance & Equity.  

  • Policy on employee contact with federal and state government officials.
  • Lactation policy (policy relating to employees or students breastfeeding children or expressing milk).  There is a website with information on pregancy and lactation rights and resources.
  • Outside food sourcing policy (under development by Auxiliary Services).