Policies Under Development

Significant new policies, proposed policies, and policy revisions are available here.

Proposed Policies and Regulations

Significant proposed policies, regulations and policy revisions or amendments are published here, in draft form, for campus comment, as part of W&M's Policy Program.

New Policies

Policies adopted within the past six month are highlighted below.

  • The Smoking Policy (pdf) has been updated and has expanded the definition of smoking to include e-cigarettes and vaping. The Policy is now finalized and effective July 1, 2019.
  • The Financial and Administrative Policy and Procedures for Formation and Operations of Centers Policy has been implemented by the office of the Provost effective January 16, 2019. It sets forth the policies and procedures by which Centers formed to facilitate achievement of the university’s instructional, research, and outreach missions are to be organized and operated. 
  • as been amended and will be implemented January 1, 2019.

  • The Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalkingg was amended effective August 22, 2018 to (1) expand the discussion of intoxication and consent, (2) modify the amnesty provision, (3) modify the description of interim measures, and (4) update contact information.
  • The Student Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Grievance/Complaint Procedure was amended effective August 22, 2018 to 1) reduce (shorten) timelines for a number of process steps, (2) create an independent Deciding Official role, replacing a process for review and response to a preliminary investigation report with a determination conference held by the Deciding Official when deemed appropriate, and separating the role of determination of sanctions and remedies from the role of determination of policy violation, (3) specify the obligation of the Title IX Coordinator to determine whether a hostile environment has been created, (4) modify the provision regarding parties’ decision whether to participate in an investigation, (5) make conforming changes regarding sanctions (conforming to changes in terminology used by Student Conduct) and expanding the list of secondary sanctions.
Policies for Review and Comment

These are policies previously proposed and being finalized, or current W&M policies that are being reviewed and may be updated, revised, or eliminated. 

  • The Office of Auxiliary Services has proposed  a new Licensing Policy committed to promoting and protecting the university’s brand standards by ensuring proper usage of its name and symbols. This policy supports the William & Mary Licensing & Trademark Administration (“Licensing Administration”) goals.The policy is available for review and comment until September 6 2019.
  • The Offices of Compliance & Equity and Dean of Students has proposed amendments to the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Misconductt (currently the Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct). The amended policy and summary of substantive changes are available for review and comment until September 20, 2019. .

Proposed Policies Under Development or Significant Revisions

This is a non-exhaustive list of new policies that are being drafted, considered, or planned.  They may or may not come into being.  If you have questions or suggestions about these policies, please contact the Office of Compliance & Equity. 

  • Policy on employee contact with federal and state government officials. Under development by the Office of Governmental Affairs.  
  • The Office of Compliance & Equity is drafting a policy to help ensure the safety of minors participating in university-related events. 
  • Policy to ensure that students at William & Mary may use names other than their legal name to identify themselves, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name.  The university encourages self-expression and affirmation of identity.  Under development by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Policy on domestic travel is under development.