Policies Under Development

Proposed Policies

Significant proposed policies and policy revisions are published here, in draft form, for campus comment, as part of W&M's Policy Program

  • Institutional Change Policy. This policy is designed to help ensure that new initiatives and programs and other changes are made in compliance with accreditation and other requirements.  Examples of the types of changes covered by the policy include:
    • New degree program
    • New distance learning program
    • New location to offer courses
    • New center or institute
    The policy provides guidance on the types of activities that constitute a significant institutional change.  It also establishes a procedure for such changes to be assessed and approved.  The policy will be available for comment until August 21, 2015.
Policies Under Review or Finalization

These are policies previously proposed and being finalized, or current W&M policies that are being reviewed and may be updated, revised, or eliminated.  

  • Policy on Telecommuting. The purpose of this policy is to allow employees to work at alternate work locations for all or part of their workweek.  The policy specifies the types of positions that are not eligible for telecommuting, and the factors considered in determining whether specific employees are eligible to telecommute.  This policy was posted for campus notice and comment, and is currently being finalized.  

  • Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest.  This policy was adopted in 1995 and has not been updated.  Proposed revisions are underway.  
  • Dog Policy (revisions to clarify exemption for service animals under development)

  • Return to Work Policy.  This policy is reviewed periodically.  
Ideas for New Policies or Significant Revisions

This is a non-exhaustive list of new policies that are being drafted, considered, or planned.  They may or may not come into being.  If you have questions or suggestions about these policies, please contact the Office of Compliance & Policy.  

  • Policy on employee contact with federal and state government officials
  • Lactation policy (policy relating to employees or students breastfeeding children or expressing milk)
  • Policy on hours of work and alternate work schedules 
  • Outside food sourcing policy (under development by Auxiliary Services)