Off-Street Vehicular Traffic and Parking Directive

Vehicular traffic is restricted to roadways, parking lots, and paved driveways as it is possible to service most buildings and events this way. Vehicle operation, excluding golf carts, is prohibited on brick sidewalks and College grounds unless there is clear and valid need.  Those with a valid need, including golf carts, must be parked in such a manner as to allow passage by pedestrian/wheelchair traffic on the walkway. If a clear lane with a minimum width of four (4) feet cannot be achieved by pulling to one side, the vehicle must be relocated to a place where this clearance can be achieved. No doorways/entryways/paths of egress or sidewalks leading to entrances may be blocked.

No vehicles are to be parked on lawns and mulched areas, in gardens or under trees.  The Gardens and Grounds Division is permitted to drive off road only to access work spaces.  Grounds vehicles will be parked on the street/parking lot once they have loaded/unloaded at the work area.  Any other unit or outside contractor must have prior approval to access lawn or garden areas. Particular precautions should be taken to protect the grounds when driving lifts on campus.

Construction, repair and maintenance contractors will be assigned laydown areas and parking areas by Facilities Planning, Design and Construction (FPDC) or the Director of Operations and Maintenance (or his designee) in coordination with the Director of Parking Services.  These areas will be determined before a job begins. Personal and work vehicles that cannot be accommodated in lay down areas are to be parked either in the William and Mary Hall parking lot or in accordance with the General Conditions outlined in the construction or maintenance contract.

All deliveries for daily in-house services and contractor or vendor services are to be made from loading docks and service drives where available.  In the event there is no loading dock, deliveries are to be made from the street side of the building.  Contractors and vendors must display an appropriate parking pass from Parking Services that permits parking in a specified location.

College departments, contractors and vendors should use the smallest vehicles possible to complete assigned tasks.

Contractors and vendors, regardless of their work, are required to abide by this policy and must gain prior approval for any deviation from the above standards.

Faculty, staff and students should also be reminded that use of service vehicle spaces is limited to individuals with State vehicles and individuals who have been issued a service vehicle pass. Please ensure all appropriate campus drivers are familiar with the Service Vehicle Pass policy.

Penalties for violating this policy will be assessed according to current College parking regulations.  In addition, violators will be charged the cost to repair to any damages to the grounds, walkways and structures. Parking Services and William & Mary Police, with the assistance of Facilities Management will enforce this policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Van Dobson, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, at [[vdobson]] or 757-221-2255.