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Employee Background Checks Procedure

Appendix A: Sensitive Positions


Sensitive positions are defined by the Virginia Code as those “directly responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the general populace or protection of critical infrastructures.” (Virginia Code 2.2.-1201.1) The university reviews the job duties of each university positions to identify and designate sensitive positions. The following are examples of job characteristics of sensitive positions:

  • Provide direct services, programs, and activities to students in residence halls, medical and counseling centers, and similar areas;
  • Access to "select agents and toxins," or "controlled substances" as defined under state and federal law;
  • Public safety enforcement support;
  • Regular driving of university vehicles or requiring proof of a valid driver’s license;
  • Direct access to, or control over, cash, checks, or credit card account information, or have responsibility for creating, collecting or accounting for material levels of accounts receivable;
  • Responsibility for the execution or approval of significant financial transactions;
  • Unsupervised access to university, employee, or student property, including housekeeping positions with access to offices or residence halls, such as by possession of a master key; or
Significant inventory control responsibilities, including the receipt and release of inventory.