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Crime Reporting Policy

Template of Notification to Campus Security Authorities



To: William & Mary Campus Security Authorities

From: Chief Compliance Officer


Re: Crime Reporting Requirements


A federal law commonly known as the Clery Act requires universities to annually compile and publish crime statistics for their campuses and certain other areas.  This law requires that the university collect information about certain crimes from employees and students who are designated as “Campus Security Authorities.”  You have been designated by your unit head as a Campus Security Authority.  This memorandum is notifying you of your reporting obligations.    

Crimes and incidents that should be reported – Clery Act incidents – are described in the university’s Crime Reporting Policy.  The policy also includes information about the scope of the reporting obligations, such as which physical locations are covered.  Additional guidance is available on the "Compliance Resources" section of the Compliance and Policy Office website. 

If you observe any Clery Act incident, or if any person reveals to you that he/she learned of or were the victim of, perpetrator of, or witness to any conduct or event that constitutes a Clery Act incident, immediately contact the William & Mary Police Department.  Please do not investigate the incident or attempt to determine whether a crime actually took place. Simply make the report; a member of the Police Department will work with you to obtain the necessary information about the alleged incident.

If you are in doubt as to whether a crime is reportable, please err on the side of reporting the matter.  

 Thank you for your assistance in fulfilling these federal requirements.