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Harassment, Bias, and Hate Incidents - Resources and Reporting Options

How to report and get help or support

William & Mary does not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, national origin or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other irrelevant personal factor.  Bias incidents are a form of harassment, addressed by the university's Discrimination Policy.  

If you experience or witness harassment, we encourage you to report it. (If you are a faculty or staff member, you may be obligated to report - please visit the mandatory reporting website to learn more.)

What is Harassment? 

Harassment is unwelcome conduct based on race, sex, or any other irrelevant personal factor.  Often, harassment takes the form of words and actions that create a hostile or offensive environment. Bias incidents usually are harassing conduct.  Sometimes "bias incident" is used to refer to actions where the perpetrator is unknown, such as graffiti.

When harassment creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or educational environment, it violates W&M policy. 
We encourage people to report unwelcome conduct (harassment), even if the conduct is not severe or pervasive enough to have created a hostile environment. Reporting this conduct may allow the university to stop harassing conduct before it creates a hostile environment and also helps us identify trends and areas of concern.  

How To Report
  • Sex-based discrimination including sexual misconduct should be reported using the online Title IX form.  
  • For other types of discrimination and harassment involving students, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 757-221-2510 or use the Report Concerns or Violations website.  
  • Reports may also be made in person to the Compliance & Equity Office or by email to
  • Hate crimes, acts of violence or other criminal conduct should be reported to the police. In emergencies dial 911.  On campus contact William & Mary Police at 757-221-4596.  
  • Graffiti, posters, or other anonymous bias actions may be reported to the William & Mary Police at 757-221-4596 or, if they relate to students, to the Dean of Students Office through the Report Concerns or Violations website.  
Other Campus Resources and Support 

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