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Employees and Applicants with Disabilities

Information for Faculty, Staff and Administrators

William & Mary is dedicated to providing a welcoming, supportive community for faculty and staff with disabilities, and encourages people with disabilities to apply for jobs at the university.  You can find centralized accessibility information on our Campus Access site.

The guidance on this page is aimed at ensuring compliance with the Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy and the Employee Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedure by providing information about how W&M satisfies its obligation to make reasonable accommodations for faculty and staff (and applicants for employment) with disabilities.

This guidance covers several topics.  Click on the gold text of each item to visit the webpage: 

1.  What is a disability, and how does a faculty or staff member get a disability accommodation? 

2.  How do I respect the rights of people with disabilities in the hiring process?

3.  How do I respect the rights of employees with disabilities?  What if an employee can't do his or her job?  This topic covers:

  • Right to accommodations and how to request an accommodation from Human Resources.
  • Employee privacy rights related to disabilities and accommodations
  • Legal restrictions on requesting or reviewing medical records, requiring an employee to take a medical exam or get medical clearance
  • Performance management and disability rights.

Additional questions?  Review the faculty resources (for faculty designing accessible courses or accommodating students) or the collected resources for discrimination-related questions and services.

This website updated July 10, 2020.