Equity Program: Discrimination Prevention and Response

Overview of Equity Program

Our equity program seeks to prevent any form of discrimination or harassment. But no prevention program is perfect, so we also detect problems that arise, and respond to them. Our response efforts allow us to remedy any discrimination or harassment that occurs, and inform our prevention efforts.  


Our prevention efforts mostly fall into three categories:

(1) setting and enforcing community standards.  We usually set community standards through policies.   When we enforce our policies such as by disciplining an employee, we are helping deter and prevent future misconduct.

(2) education and awareness programs, such as the Haven training for faculty and staff.

(3) physical safety programs, particularly for prevention of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. 

Prevention, Detection, Response

The main policy is the Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy.  Other policies and complaint/grievance procedures are collected online:  

These policies prevent the following types of discrimination: 

Detecting and Remedying Discrimination and Harassment

By educating our community about their rights and responsibilities and by maintaining reporting/complaint mechanisms, we identify discrimination when it occurs.  And we address it by taking appropriate remedial measures relating to the people involved.  

There are many ways to report discrimination and harassment, collected in our Reporting Concerns or Violations website.  Supervisors and managers are "responsible employees" required to notify this office of discrimination or harassment that is reported to them or that they otherwise become aware of.  There is also a online form to report any barrier to accessibility for students, faculty, staff or visitors with disabilities, on W&M's accessibility website.  

W&M has updated, equitable procedures that we use to carefully assess all reports, complaints, and claims of discrimination or harassment.  To learn more, visit our Investigation Procedures website.  

Equity Resources

Support and guidance is available from both W&M offices and external agencies.

This page last updated March 2017.