Procedures Available to Students – Ways for Students to Make Complaints or Report Concerns

More information about reporting and complaint procedures for discrimination and harassment complaints, including sexual assault and other Title IX reports, is available from the Office of Compliance & Equity or online.

If none of the reporting/complaint mechanisms below appear to address the student concerns, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Compliance & Equity and/or consult the Whistleblower Policy.  

Student Procedure/


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Honor System

Procedure for each member of the W&M community to report (after confronting the student in question) lying, cheating, and plagiarism by a W&M student for investigation and adjudication.  Includes post-verdict review and appeal procedures. 

Honor System administered by six student Honor Councils, under the procedures described by the Dean of Students Office.  Reporting mechanisms include online filings.

Student Conduct Code

For employees or others to report possible student misconduct, i.e., violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Note that a special process exists for violations of the sexual misconduct policy. 

Student Conduct Procedures, Student Code of Conduct.  Reporting mechanisms include online filings.

Sexual Misconduct/ Title IX

For reporting sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence

Visit Online reporting options include confidential reporting.

Discrimination Grievance/

Complaint Procedure

For all employees and students to report discrimination, including harassment and retaliation, committed by a W&M employee (faculty or staff member) or contractor. 

Complaints may be made to the Office of Compliance and Equity.  

Faculty Misconduct Reporting and Investigation Procedure

For reporting misconduct committed by any W&M faculty member.  Includes procedures for informal and formal investigation.  Note that this procedure is not for reporting discrimination or harassment; see Discrimination Grievance/Complaint Procedure.  

Procedure established in the Faculty Handbook.  Typically initiated by a report to the appropriate Dean.  


Rehabilitation Act Appeal/

Grievance Procedure (pdf)

For students to seek review of a determination by Student Accessibility Services regarding a disability accommodation request or make a complaint regarding disability discrimination. 

Student Accessibility Services is found in the Dean of Students Office.  

Hazing Reporting

For reporting, including anonymous reporting, of possible acts of hazing

Reports handled by the Dean of Students, and can be made in several different ways.  

Academic Suspension Appeals

For students placed on academic suspension to appeal the decision made.  Note suspensions for conduct or honor violations have separate appeals processes. 

Appeals are made to the Committee on Academic Status.

Virginia Domicile Appeals (In-State Tuition)

For students to appeal domicile decisions made by the Office of the University Registrar.

Contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Athletics Financial Aid Hearing Policy and Procedure (pdf)

For students to appeal reduction, cancellation, or non-renewal of athletic-related financial aid, in accordance with NCAA requirements

FERPA Complaints (external complaint mechanism)

Students may file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education, which, through the Family Policy Compliance Office, enforces the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which ensures student access to their records and university obligations to protect the confidentiality of such records

Complaint right described in W&M's Student Records Privacy Policy and Notification fo Rights under FERPA.

SCHEV (State Council of Higher Education) Procedure for Complaints Against W&M (external complaint mechanism)

Students may file formal complaints about William & Mary with SCHEV if students have exhausted “all available grievance procedures outlined by the institution.” 

SCHEV's website describes the complaint process and requirements for how complaints are filed.  The website states "SCHEV has no authority or role regarding issues of employment law, claims of discrimination, or instances of suspected consumer fraud." 

Fraud Complaints (external complaint mechanism)

The Attorney General of Virginia enforces consumer protection laws.  The Consumer Protection section of the Attorney General's Office serves as a clearinghouse for consumer complaints.  See also State Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline.

Information about where and how to file a complaint is provided by the Attorney General.  

State Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline

Anonymous reporting of “significant instances of fraud, waste, and abuse…illegal or fraudulent conduct, waste of funds, abuse of state property or resources, gross mismanagement or gross neglect of duties…not for general complaints, suggestions, or personnel issues.” 

The hotline is administered by the Office of the State Inspector General, coordinated on campus by Internal Audit.

Accreditation Complaints

Processes for individuals to report “significant noncompliance with the [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] Commission’s standards, policies, or procedures.”  The Commission establishes and enforces the accreditation standards applicable to W&M.  Likewise, complaints relating to accreditation of the graduate programs offered by W&M may be directed to their respective accrediting agencies. 

For the list of W&M’s graduate programs and their accrediting agencies, see

Parking Citation Appeals

Procedure for members of the campus community to

W&M Police Complaint

For students (and other individuals) to raise grievances regarding misconduct by W&M Police employees.

Residential (Dorm) Charges Appeals

Procedure for residents of W&M-provided student housing to dispute damage billings made including deductions from security (Room Damage) deposits. 

Residence Life provides a flowchart of the Damage Policy and Procedure as well as FAQs.  

Grade Appeals/Reviews

Procedures for students to appeal/request a review of a grade. 

Each school maintains its own appeal/review process:  Law School, School of EducationSchool of BusinessCollege of Arts & Sciences, and VIMS

Other Academic Appeals or Requests for Exceptions

The various schools offer brief processes for students to appeal academic decisions and ask for exceptions and waivers.  Many of these are described in the course catalogs. 


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