Reporting Concerns or Violations

The goal of a university compliance & ethics program is to help employees do their jobs in compliance with the law and university policies. But prevention isn't perfect; problems arise, whether because of honest mistakes, carelessness, unethical behavior, or confusion.  When this happens, the university will investigate the situation to find out what (if anything) went wrong, how we can fix it, and what we can do to keep it from happening again.

There are many ways for individuals to bring concerns or violations to light.   Information about the different reporting avenues is provided on these websites listed below.  For guidance on reporting Title IX issues -- sexual violence and harassment -- please visit the sexual violence reporting website.

You may also contact W&M’s Compliance & Equity Office, either by contacting a staff member or by email to [[reportconcern]].   All reports are taken seriously and investigated or referred as appropriate. 

There are also some matters that employees must report.  Information about mandatory reporting requirements is available.  

Complaint, Grievance, and Reporting Avenues for W&M

The procedures and mechanisms described here are, with a few exceptions, managed by or on behalf of W&M or the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Additional external mechanisms exist, for certain types of concerns.

More detailed information about reporting and complaint procedures for discrimination and harassment complaints and specifically for Title IX reports (sex-based discrimination including sexual violence) is available from the Office of Compliance & Equity or online.

This list was last updated in January 2017.  If you have any questions regarding the list, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer.