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Focus on Outcomes, Results, Success

Power Verbs That Demonstrate….

Leadership, Decision Making, or Management 

Allocated $500 funds for various Karate Club projects.

Determined club policy regarding the admission of new members. Resulted in a more efficient recruitment process.

Directed a team of five oceanographers seeking the lost city of Atlantis. Discovered a submerged 5th Kingdom Egyptian seaport.

Enlisted the support of 20 volunteers to restore a community garden. The garden is now enjoyed by a neighborhood of 500 citizens.

Formed a student committee to investigate the abuse of alcohol on campus. Presented findings to the Board of Visitors.

Founded a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the homeless.  Secured housing for 40 people the first year.


Acquainted Swiss diplomats with the cultural attractions of New Orleans. Subsequently received a letter of appreciation from the embassy.

Apprised management of shifts in consumer buying patterns. This resulted in an adjustment to the inventory and 10% less wastage.

Answered callers' questions during an alternative music radio talk show.

Briefed reporters on recent developments in United States foreign policy.
Presented major selling points of the new swimwear collection to sales force.  Sales of that line exceeded the quarterly goals.

Reported findings about campus safety to the Executive Committee, which subsequently adopted new policies.

Responded to phone inquiries regarding the admissions process.


Ability to Create or Innovate

Authored two articles about psychic phenomena.

Conceptualized a twelve-step program for chocolate addicts.  70% of the pilot group reported a decrease in chocolate consumption.

Created in-store displays utilizing glow-in-the-dark mannequins. Cited in the "Innovations in Marketing" national podcast.

Composed a film score for a documentary on the Russian Revolution. A representative clip can be heard here: (URL)

Devised a direct marketing campaign for a non-dairy frozen dessert. Increased sales by 5%

Established long-term objectives for a national community service initiative.  

Invented a solar powered light bulb capable of illuminating a 300-square foot room.

Originated the "Fashion Compassion Ball," an annual fund-raiser for battered women which generated $5,800.00 in pledges.

Ability to Convince or Sell

Arbitrated a settlement between team owners and players, ending a 3 month stalemate.

Convinced owner to introduce daily drink specials resulting in a twenty percent increase in profits.

Dissuaded union members from voting in favor of a walkout, averting a potential $300,000.00 loss of revenue.

Encouraged dormitory residents to participate in weekly meetings.

Administrative, Organizational, Follow- Through 

Arranged transportation to and from conference site for over 100 scholars.

Assembled press kits and promotional packages for national 30 music tours, all of which sold out.

Collected approximately $4,500 in delinquent payments from patients.

Centralized alumni credential files resulting in more efficient file maintenance.  Files are now processed in only 80% of the original time.

Coordinated seating arrangements at 25 fashion shows for media and retailers.

Catalogued the 450 piece private art collection of David Byrne. Digitized the catalog to make it freely accessible to the public.

Distributed a weekly newsletter to 4,000 subscribers.


Research and Analysis

Analyzed blood samples to determine cholesterol levels. Results were used by doctors to counsel patients.

Assessed clients' readiness to return to the workplace.  Referred those who were not to appropriate agencies.

Audited financial records of the Board of Education.  Discovered $30,000 in misapplied funding.

Identified students in need of remedial help, increasing the overall completion rate by 25%.

Interpreted entertainment contracts and prepared contract amendments.

Interviewed varsity basketball players for a feature articles in The Targum.  One article was picked up for national distribution.

Researched the relationship between income level and political affiliation. Presented findings at the National Political Research Conference.

Counseling, Helping, or Mediating

Aided the homeless with all aspects of their job search. 80% of them secured full-time employment within 3 months.

Attended to the daily needs of nursing home residents.  Awarded "Most caring assistant" three times.

Facilitated the installation of a multimedia exhibit honoring female athletes.  The exhibit attracted over 1000 visitors.

Collaborated on the design of a new billing system.


Outcomes and results

Adapted teaching style to meet the needs of inner-city youth. Increased retention rates by 32%.

Attained the level of black belt after three months of intensive karate lessons.

Augmented sales by 25% though extensive phone follow-up.

Awarded the Anderson Medal for superior sportsmanship.

Boosted net retail sales by 50% over the last quarter.

Reconciled out-of-balance expense accounts.

Reduced campus waste by 15% by introducing a dorm-based recycling plan.

Revamped the school library, making it accessible to those with impaired mobility