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Job Search

Job searching is a multi-layered effort. There are of course jobs to be found in the "visible job market", which includes positions marketed at in-person events such as career fairs and information sessions, as well as those posts on job boards, such as TribeCareers. However, even more jobs are found in the "hidden job market". These are found through ongoing networking connections, finding newly opened positions after making a strong, positive impression, and by directly approaching organizations with no posted openings. Regardless of when you start your job search, engaging in multiple strategies is the most effective approach.

Job Search Etiquette
Conducting the Job Search
  • Overview:  50 Ways to Get a Job serves as a good introduction to the many options you have in your job search.
  • Are you still deciding what types of internships, industries, and career paths match your interest? Check out the FOCUS 2 online, self-paced assessment tool.
Connections - the Most Central Component of a Job Search: 
  • TribeCareers is where employers post jobs and internships specifically for W&M students and alumni
  • Update your profile interests to receive industry specific information (not just by your major)
  • Upload up to 10 documents, including targeted resumes, cover letters, and writing samples, to help you apply for these positions
  • There are some on-campus interview opportunities(OCR) posted here
    • This is the only time an employer will come to you for an interview!
  • The majority of postings are non-OCR: the interview will take place away from campus, via phone, or Skype
  • Utilize the events tab to find career fairs, employer events, panels, workshops, and more
  • TribeCareers is also a portal to many other job sites, including:
    • ArtSearch (art and creative jobs)
    • GoinGlobal (international experience)
    • CareerShift (alumni links to employers)
    • Ethical Jobs, Political Jobs, Human Rights Jobs, etc. (non-profits)
Job Databases
  • Job listings are available to connect you with all types of jobs, including "Gap Year", short-term work, and overseas jobs.

Job Databases

Career Fairs
  • Career Fairs are a great way to meet employers and market yourself. Detailed information can be found in Making the Most of a Career Fair, and in the videos below.

{{candidcareer:medium:center|2ef35050ca72743ae6ca, What to Expect at a Career Fair}}

{{candidcareer:medium:center|4208b2677a084f5d7456, More Career Fair Tips}}

How Job Offers Work:
  • You should carefully evaluate any job offer. There are the more obvious questions - are you happy with the salary and benefits? But there are other factors to consider - what is the cost of living in its location? Do you understand what kind of work you will be doing? Will you have access to the things that are important to you?
  • The cost of living in the area you will be working in is a critical consideration. You should do research to make sure you will be able to live comfortably with the salary. There are resources, like the cost of living calculator, to help you find this information.
  • Use our Glassdoor account to research the salaries in various positions and companies. Along with cost of living, it is important to find out if you can adequately support yourself with a job that is offered to you.