William & Mary

Candid Career

Charlotte, Environmental Scientist

"Charlotte is an Environmental Scientist with Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc in Annapolis, Md. Charlotte plays a key role in monitoring the effect of new construction on the surrounding environment and making sure developers are meeting federal regulations."

Jamie,  Executive Director of a Nonprofit, Sustainable Business Network

"Jamie is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network, a 'community of local businesses and individuals committed to building a sustainable economy in the Greater Philadelphia Region.'"

Clayton, National Science Director, Ideas for Us

"Clayton Ferrara ’08 is the National Science Director for Ideas For Us, a nonprofit with the goal of 'helping to advance sustainability and environmental awareness through youth-led action.' As a biologist and life-long philanthropist, Clayton brings passion to every project he encounters."

Mary Sue, Senior Environmental Specialist

"Mary Sue Thompson works at the Orange County Sanitation District as Senior Environmental Specialist."

Gail, Senior Project Manager

"Gail is a Senior Project Manager with Greener By Design, a full-service 'green' consulting firm. Based out of New Brunswick, NJ, Gail's company '...deliver a full range of consulting and project management services that provide our public and private clients with the ability to meet regulatory requirements and create a healthier environment...'"