Cohen Career Center Program Travel Funds


Application must be made with at least 2 weeks' notice unless otherwise specified. The application is available online here. Please print and complete the application and bring it to the Cohen Career Center. 

All applications must be received no later than December 1 for Winter Break. For opportunities in the summer semester, please submit all applications no later than May 1.

Please note the following:

Please allow enough time for application review prior to the start of your opportunity.

The awarding of funding is determined on a rolling basis and is not guaranteed.

There is no guarantee that a submitted application will be granted an award.


Funding is available to cover expenses associated with Cohen Career Center sponsored activities. Funding will support airfare, train, bus, car rental (if of age), lodging (hotel) and Cohen Career Center program fees, when applicable.  No first-class or business-class travel will be reimbursed.  Please note there will be no reimbursement of mileage for a rental or personal vehicle.  Conferences and interviews are excluded from Program Travel funds.

Reimbursement is the method of disbursement for funds. Students must submit receipts for all expenditures within 15 days after the event/trip. 

In order to be reimbursed, domestic students must fill out a W-9 Form(.pdf).  International students must prepare a W-8BEN Form(.pdf).

If you cancel or fail to show after receiving or applying for travel fund money, you are fully responsible for repayment of all fees and expenses incurred. Any cancellation fees must be paid by the student. It is your responsibility to check with Financial Aid to determine if program travel funds will impact your tax status.

Funding Limits:

Total funding is limited to $2000 throughout a student's enrollment at W&M.

Rates for hotels must fall within the state per diem.

Activities that will occur after you graduate from your degree program are ineligible for funding. 

Activities that have occurred prior to submitting an application are ineligible for funding.