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Faculty Collaboration with the Career Center


We invite faculty to join us in helping students develop the insights and skills needed to navigate the process of career decision making, job searching, and applying for further education. There are multiple ways you can collaborate with us.

Faculty Liaison Roles

Staff members in the Cohen Career Center are organized in career communities, with focus on a variety of careers and industries. These advisors are also assigned liaison roles within each academic department to further assist students interested in those industries. For a list of our advisors and their career communities, go here. For additional ways you can work with your liaisons, please refer to our faculty toolkit.

Assisting Students in the Hiring Process

In most instances, students can benefit from the involvement of faculty and staff in their job search. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) offers assistance on writing reference letters as well as FERPA comprehension

A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

Students aren't the only ones interested in their success; their accomplishments are also very important to the College. Staff members in career services, admissions, development, alumni relations, and you, the faculty, have a direct investment in their achievement. The role you play in the employment process complements the role played by career services. Occasionally, however, helping students in their job searches can result in unanticipated illegal or unethical actions. NACE has a more in-depth guide about this here.

Mock Interviews

Encourage students to participate in both in-person and digital mock interviews to gain practice and feedback from a career advisor. Mock interviews can be scheduled through TribeCareers or through the Cohen front desk and are held with either an employer, retired professional, advisor, or community partner. Students can also utilize Big Interview  to participate in mock interviews at their convenience. Learn more about Big Interview in the faculty toolkit above.

Departmental Career Programs

If your department is interested in collaborating with the Career Center on developing a program please feel free to reach out to your Career Center faculty liaison. This could include an overview of the programs we offer or something more specific to your desired industry or major.

Career Fair

Encourage interested students to attend one of our annual Career Fairs in the Sadler Center, where they will have the opportunity to speak with employers about job and internship opportunities. You can find our full list of annual events here.