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Hire an Intern

Our students are eager to apply their skills and talents to an internship with your company or organization. William & Mary students recognize internships as a way to explore career options, develop skills through practical work experience in a wide range of occupational fields, and contribute to the community. Employers find that hosting internships is a great way to identify and mentor young talent as well as to receive assistance with daily activities or special projects. There are several types of internships that our students seek.  In our effort to maintain the integrity of recruiting, the Cohen Career Center follows standards by which all recruitment postings in TribeCareers, our online recruitment database, must adhere.  We recommend you keep a copy of the Cohen Career Center Employer Guidelines for future reference.

Post Internship

Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (VTOP) Employer Readiness Toolkit

A Blueprint to Develop Quality Internship Opportunities for Virginia's Talent Pipeline


Does your organization have a project that needs to get done?  Consider posting a Micro-Internship (a short-term, professional project) through our partnership with Parker Dewey.  Parker Dewey offers sample projects that you can customize, or you can create your own project.

Note: Registration is required and there is no posting fee.  Students receive 90% of the payment while Parker Dewey retains the remaining 10% to cover expenses.

Post a Micro-Internship

Part-Time or Full-time Internships

Employers seeking to host an intern in summer may offer part-time (typically 16-24 hours/week) or full-time (typically 36+ hours/week) internships. Part-time internships can be offered during the school year as well if employers are within a commutable distance.  For part-time and full-time internships, the duration and start and end dates are determined by the company or organization. 

W&M Externship Program

The W&M Externship Program is a collaborative effort between the Cohen Career Center and engaged employers to generate positive job-shadowing experiences for William & Mary students. Externships typically last 1 to 2 days over Winter Break, and provide students with an inside look at a given industry. Additionally, students gain insight into networking etiquette, as well as demonstrating their experiences as part of their professional story.  Please contact [[lrandolph, Lisa Randolph]], Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, for more information.

Post-graduate Internships or Fellowships for Domestic Students

Some employers elect to offer an internship or fellowship program for newly graduated alumni who are seeking additional training and experience.  These programs typically last from 3 to 12 months. Duration, start dates, etc are determined by the employer.

Post-graduate Internships for International Students

International students have access to special work authorizations to pursue paid or unpaid experiential learning opportunities for a year or more after graduation (e.g., internships, practica, post-graduation employment).  Optional Practical Training (OPT) is available for students on an F-1 visa. Academic Training (AT) is for J-1 students. Either may be taken prior to or following the completion of a student's course of study. The Reves Center advises international students with internship authorization questions.

Note About Unpaid Internships

Federal law requires payment of interns unless the internship satisfies criteria outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor.  William & Mary cannot determine whether any internship satisfies the Department of Labor criteria.   But to help ensure that William & Mary students are provided with beneficial internships, William & Mary requires all employers posting internships to certify that they have reviewed and will abide by the Department of Labor criteria established in the FLSA.  

College Policy on Internship Credit

Qualified students, usually in their junior or senior year, may receive credit from cooperating academic departments for an approved internship that provides an opportunity to apply and expand knowledge in the student's field of study. To qualify, internships should be designed to provide a structured learning experience that is completed under expert supervision. A student needs to navigate the college's credit approval process in advance of an internship's start date. Requiring a student to earn credit for an internship may cost the student additional tuition for the course credits. Students may find academic credit information here.