Policies for Employment Offers & Recruiting Events

Extending Offers: Campus Recruiting Offer Policy

The intention of the campus recruiting offer policy at The College of William and Mary is to allow students ample time to carefully consider all of their employment options and to make informed decisions about their employment after William and Mary. We educate students on evaluating and negotiating job offers and discourage them from hasty decisions that may lead to reneging, which we strongly discourage. In order to meet student and employer needs, we have revised our offer policy to the following:

Fall Recruiting

- Students receiving full-time and internship offers from fall interviews will have until October 31st or three weeks (whichever is greater) to accept/decline offers. 
-Interns or externs who have received offers of full-time employment or to return next summer to their internship will have until October 31st  to respond to those employers.

Spring Recruiting

- Students receiving full-time or internship offers from spring recruiting will have until February 28th or three weeks (whichever is greater) to accept/decline offers.

Second Round Interviews

In an effort to minimize scheduling conflicts for our students, we request that second round interviews taking place at an off-campus site be scheduled at least two weeks after the on-campus interview date. This is especially important given our attempt to schedule interviews based upon employer industry; should you attempt to host second round interviews (on-site) during the same week as your first round interviews, your acceptance rate might be lower than anticipated.

If you have questions regarding procedures or policies not addressed here, please contact the Career Center at (757) 221-3231 or [[career]] .

Alcohol Policy

The William and Mary Career Center adheres to the NACE policy, which states that serving alcohol should not be a part of the recruitment process. Therefore, all recruiting activity, including all information sessions, should be alcohol-free.

Corporate Activities and Solicitation

The College of William and Mary appreciates and welcomes the relationships that different College constituents have with corporations and governmental and non-profit organizations. Specifically, the Career Center seeks to build upon existing relationships and to work with new employers to facilitate their hiring of William and Mary students. To enable these interactions, the Career Center plans and executes many events throughout the year aimed at increasing student awareness of these organizations and giving employers access to the William and Mary student population. Such events include the Fall and Spring Career Fair, information sessions and on-campus interviews. It is imperative that organizations work with the Career Center to plan such events to maximize the exposure they receive through appropriate advertising and avoidance of conflicting events.

As William and Mary prohibits any commercial selling or solicitation on campus that is not sponsored or sanctioned by the College, the Career Center requests that organizations do not utilize student groups or student contacts to facilitate such commercial endeavors. This would include utilizing tables in the Sadler or Campus Center to sell goods or services to solicit the student population through the use of handouts or giveaways.

Any questions should be directed to [[career]] or 757-221-3232.