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Current Career Success Report

The Class of 2016 Undergraduates


first destination report

First Destination Report and Top Employers

Survey respondents report being hired by 572 different employers, including Amazon, IBM, and Scribe America.  Of those working, 91% reported that their work aligns with their career interests, while 81% reported either working full time or attending graduate school.

top industries

Top Industries and Geographic Distribution

Respondents report working in 68 different industries.  Among them, William & Mary graduates favored employment in the areas of consulting, education, and government, among others.  Some of the highest average incomes were from those reporting from the financial service and consulting industries. 

Graduate school enrollment

Graduate School Enrollment

About a quarter of the Class of 2016 are currently attending graduate school.  The most represented schools are listed above, with the number of students attending above their logos. 

Student engagement

Student Engagement

Above are some of the resources utilized by during the 2016-17 year.  The most represented demographic was that of the seniors -- the Class of 2016.  Also listed is the total participation in the Career Center's MACE course.  



TribeCareers is the job, internship, and events hub for William & Mary students.  Our Employer Development Team works hard to introduce students to a wide variety of opportunities both in Virginia and around the world. 

employer engagement
Employer Engagement

Cohen Career Center hosts events all year round, for all class years and majors.  Fall 2016 saw the highest attendance rate of current students in William & Mary history, at just over 1,000 attendees. 

on-campus recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting

Every semester employers come to campus to interview W&M students for jobs and internships.  All majors are recruited, and a variety of employers are represented.  Recruiting on-campus represents a small portion of the jobs and internships available to students. 

influencer postcard

Influencer Postcards

All faculty and staff play a major role in supporting students' success.  Members of the Class of 2016 identified 509 different William & Mary faculty and staff members as being "most influential to their W&M education."  Each year the Cohen Career Center recognizes these individuals with a postcard highlighting this distinction.  We are partners in the career success of our students!

Cohen sponsored tips

Cohen Sponsored Tips

Each year the Cohen Career Center hosts a number of trips where students from any academic background can attend site-visits and gain in-depth industry exposure.