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Find or Become a Mentor

Do you remember what you wanted to know back when you were a student here at The College?  Tribe Connections logo

Do you remember wondering what kind of career you should choose, what it would be like to work in that field, how in the world you could get your first job?  Do you remember wishing you knew what kinds of classes you should take and what internships would be most important?   Become an advisor/mentor.

And now that you are an alum, do you wish you could reach out to fellow W&M alumni for advice about how to manage something about your job?  Or, are you ready to transition to something different, and could really use some guidance?  Find alumni advisors/mentors.

 Tribe Connections logoThe Career Center and the Alumni Association would like to invite you to participate in our online career networking database, Tribe Connections.  Students and alumni can access this database to explore careers and to gain advice about particular professions.  Tribe Connections is housed in a LinkedIn group, which makes it easier for you to keep your contact information up-to-date and your Tribe Connections membership can follow you throughout your career.

Join Tribe Connections and partner with us in our efforts to build a strong professional network between students and alumni.  Don't forget to use the system to help yourself build valuable professional connections. Simply follow the steps below, and start your involvement today.