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{{youtube:small|AWChwKJeS4Q, How to join Tribe Connections}}If you don't already have one, create your LinkedIn profile.  While having a complete profile is useful for your personal career development, especially if you are in job-seeking mode, for the purposes of being a mentor in Tribe Connections, we'll only need the following

  1. In the' Education' section, please include the activities and societies you were in while here at W&M: varsity athletics, Greek organizations, debate team, etc. Example education section in Linkedin
  2. You can simply upload your resume to populate the Experience section, or just list your position titles and employers you feel comfortable talking about. 
  3. Volunteer and internship experiences may be interesting to students and alumni who are seeking advice and insights; list those, too.
  4. In the 'Interests' section of "Additional Information", list how you'd like to interact with students and alumni like this:  "Tribe Connections:  career field and industry guidance, employer insight, city/regional information, students can shadow me for a few days during academic breaks, resume critiques."  You determine your level participation.
      Sample LinkedIn Interests section

    Here's a suggested list; you can copy-and-past if you like:

W&M Tribe Connections: 
   Resume critiques 
   Industry insights
   Career Advice
   Major advice
   Mock interviews
   City and/or Regional information
  Graduate school advice 

   5.  For students and alumni to contact you directly through LinkedIn, you'll need to set your contact settings.  Otherwise, they will have to pose questions to the entire group and hope that you respond.
Contact settings in LinkedIn

   6.  Once you have your LinkedIn profile, join the Tribe Connections subgroup:

That's it!

The College's Alumni Association carefully screens who has access to the Tribe Connections group.  Students and alumni can go into the group and search for you by keyword and then send a request for your advice. The Tribe Connections group will send that request to your email, then you and the student or alum can arrange to talk via email, telephone or in person--it's up to you.  Students can also just post questions to the group at large and you can post a response if you'd like.