Finding a Job

The strategies used to find jobs have changed quite a bit in recent years as employers rely more and more on social media outlets to find and screen candidates. In some ways, this makes the job search more complicated. In other ways, this can help you conduct a more targeted job search.

Today's job search:

1. Requires an outcomes-focused resume targeted to each specific job.  The old 'generic' all-purpose resume is nearly universally useless.

2. Requires an up-to-date professional online profile, actively managed.  This is just as important to your job search as an outcomes-focused, targeted resume.

3. Relies heavily on human connections; 'Networking'.  Networking has always been the most productive job search strategy, but now that social media, such as LinkedIn, has made it so much easier, it is even more important.

4. Focuses on skills and values, rather than job titles. The workplace is changing rapidly; whole industries, as well as career fields and jobs are created, evolved and disappear with increasing rapidity.  You have to keep your skills current and stay aware of the different ways you can use them with different employers. 

5. Is flexible and adaptable. For the reasons mentioned in #4.

6. Is based on a current understanding of today's job market.  There are more resources available to help you understand the workplace as it is today, as well as to help you get a feeling for trends. Reach out to other alumni in fields or companies that interest you; join professional associations, join professional LinkedIn groups. Research trends using the CareerOneStop or Vault.

It's helpful if you have a good idea of what you want to do. This online tutorial is designed to help orient you during career transitions, if you are in the midst of thinking that through.
Employers do send mid-level job postings to us from time to time;

you can access them through your account. {{youtube:small:right|sjTM7Ze7Nrc, How to set up your TribeCareers Account and apply for jobs}} (Those of you who graduated AFTER 2007 *already* have accounts; those who graduated BEFORE 2007 must create a new, free account).  

Have you been job searching for a while?  You might need a new job search strategy.