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Vendor Requests

The Cohen Career Center regularly investigates resources to provide to our students to enhance their career readiness. We currently partner with many vendors to provide access and offerings to career exploration, career preparation, job and internship searches, and professional networking tools for students and alumni.

If you would like to request that we review your resource for consideration to add to our portfolio, please review the information below and fill out the Vendor Request Form. All requests will be vetted by our technology resources team and someone will respond to you shortly.

Basic Information

Please note the following information before submitting your request. This background will give more background on the mission of the Cohen Career Center, the audience we serve, and our goals to serve students. 

The Cohen Career Center serves the following audiences:

  • all current undergraduate students
  • graduate students in education, arts and sciences, and VIMS
  • alumni up to 3 years post-graduation

The Cohen Career Center Mission:  

The Cohen Career Center offers career development programs, services, connections, and resources, empowering students to achieve their career goals.

Main Tenants:

  • Career Exploration: Explore and discover student interests, skills, abilities, and values through individual conversations, small group series, workshops, and online resources
  • Career Immersion Opportunities: Investigate career paths through opportunities on and off-campus by learning from professionals working in a variety of industries. Experience what it is really like to work in these fields with access to specialized advice.
  • Career Connections: Build students' networks by engaging with employers, alumni, parents, faculty, and
    organizations that interest them. 

Please look through our current offerings before submitting a request to ensure your product will serve an unmet need or further enhance one of our core areas. We look for products and platforms that will enhance the student experience, serve a need that is not currently being met, provide a user-friendly experience for the student and is visually appealing, and provides functionality that enhances the work of the advising team.  

Cost and Process

Please clearly note the cost of all features within your product. The Cohen Career Center practices fiscal responsibility and seeks to use our budget dollars in ways that will best enhance the student experience. Therefore, we cannot purchase every technology or product in the career services space, but we seek to provide the best product with the best value to both our team and students. 

All products used by the Cohen Career Center must be vetted by the campus procurement office and IT office. All contracts must be cleared by procurement before any implementation can occur. 

Free Trials: Please note, that while we are willing to look at products with free trial periods, they will still need to be vetted through our procurement office and IT department on campus. All later costs for the product must be known by the time of implementation. 

Request Form

We invite you to fill out this Vendor Addition Request Form to tell us about your product. All requests will be vetted by our technology resources team. We will respond with any additional questions after this process has taken place. 
Vendor Addition Request Form