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*Does the site follow NCDA’s “Guidelines for the Use of Internet for Provision of Career Information and Planning Services, as well as the ethical guidelines for Internet-based counseling services endorsed by ACA & NBCC: (NCDA Guidelines) (ACA’s Ethical Guidelines for Online Counseling) (NBCC’s Ethical Practice of Internet Counseling)?

*Does the site contain a clear identification of the name and address of the organization for which the website was developed?

*Does the site have the title of the website prominently displayed near the top of the page?

*Does the site include a short statement about the purpose of the site?

*Does the site contain an index near the beginning of the site which can be internally linked back (e.g., return to index, return to top) to various locations on the page?

*Does the site have correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout?

*Does the site contain a link to the home page (if any) of the organization for which the web site was developed?

*Does the site include enough images to be attractive but not so many that the page takes excessive time to load when using modems?

*Are the graphics used appropriate?

*Is an email address listed for further questions or comments and/or a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

*Is the target audience clearly identified (e.g., adults, international, school, businesses)?

*Is the career development content up-to-date and accurate?

*Would the content hold the attention of the target audience?

*Does it appear to be free from bias or stereotyping (e.g., gender, ethnic, age)?

*Does it appear to be user-friendly (i.e., easy to use and navigate by target audience)?

*Does it include a date when the site was last updated?

*Does the site provide information about the qualifications of the developer of the content for the web site and/or persons who provide services?

*Is the content concise and use a clear vocabulary?

*Is information provided for user support and/or technical assistance?

*Does the site provide access to persons with disabilities?

*Is an evaluation plan of the site included?

*Is information provided on how user feedback is incorporated?

*Is data security and confidentiality addressed?


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