Josh Newfield

'96, '06, CEO, Washington Open MRI, Inc.

Josh began his career at Washington Open MRI, Inc., the Washington, DC area’s premier provider of open MRIs, where he focused on marketing and new facility development. After creating multiple new locations and increasing staff and revenue, Newfield concentrated on the internal processes of the organization to improve efficiency. As one of the owners and the Chief Operating Officer, Newfield now ensures the smooth operations of the daily procedures while strategically planning for the future. In 2008, Newfield transitioned his more than 15 years of real world business  experience, into Newfield Business Services, LLC. This healthcare management consulting firm focuses on small and mid-size medical practices allowing them to become more efficient and profitable as a medical practice and as a small business. Newfield graduated with a BA in Philosophy in 1996 and a MBA in 2006, both from the College of William & Mary. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with his wife Megan, class of ’97, his son Benjamin, class of 2027, daughter Elizabeth, class of 2030, son Ethan, class of 2032 and Margaret, class of 2032.