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Timeline - Fall 2018

October 30

Final day to sign up for competition (sign up form coming soon)

November 2    (5-6:30pm)

Orientation: You will receive your case assignment and mentor. You will get to ask questions to a panel of nonprofit experts. You will set a schedule with your team and mentor. This is mandatory.

Week 1    (Nov. 5-9)
  • Site visit to nonprofit with mentor (beginning of week)
  • Gather research (ongoing)
  • Meet with mentor to give updates and receive guidance (mid-week)
  • Email/phone call to nonprofit to provide update (end of week)
Week 2 (Nov. 12-16)
  • Meet as a team and devise a plan (beginning of the week)
  • Students will create and revise their presentation mid/end of the week)
  • Lead student will email/phone to provide updates on progress (end of the week)
Thanksgiving Week
  • Nothing is required during this week
Week 3 (Nov 26-Nov 30)
  • Students will meet with nonprofits to present their work and receive final feedback to correct any issues (beginning/middle of the week)
  • Students will revise and finalize their presentation (mid-week/end of the week)
  • Practice,​ ​practice,​ ​practice!​ (ongoing)
December 1   (11am-3pm)

Competition​ ​Day

***Total time for this day is subject to change, but will not exceed four hours.

  • Arrive​ ​early
  • Teams present​ ​case​ to​ ​judges​ ​(11:00-2:30)
  • Enjoy lunch (when your team is not presenting)
  • Fill​ ​out​ ​post-survey​; attend brief workshop ​(after​ presentation)
  • Award​ ​Ceremony:​ ​receive​ ​certificate/prizes​ ​(2:40-3:00)