Need to Know

What Faculty and Staff need to know about the new ID system

Online Services
  • Tribe Card Center ( - lets you check your W&M Express balance, transaction history or report your card lost/stolen.
  • GET Funds ( - is where you can deposit funds on your W&M Express account.
If you can't access the website or sign-in, contact IT's Technology Support Center.  If you have any problems with the online services beyond that, contact the ID Office.

Lost or Stolen Card

Can't find your card?  Here's the steps you should take to deactivate your card and obtain a new card.  Temporary cards will no longer be issued.

  1. Deactivate your old card.  You can deactivate your card online through the TribeCard Center at  Stolen cards should be reported to the police.
  2. Get a new card.  Cards can be reprinted at the ID Office during normal business hours, or at the William & Mary Police station after business hours.  The card replacement fee is $23.  If the card is reprinted at the William & Mary Police station, the charge will be billed by the ID Office on the following business day.  Temporary cards will no longer be issued.

A Work in Progress - Entryways & Vending Machines

You may still notice some work being done on building entryways.  Most residence halls have been completed, but academic buildings are still being converted to the new system.  During conversions you may find doors propped-open but should note that work is being completed in the building. 

W&M vending machines, laundry machines, and copiers that have been converted to the new system AND have network access will accept W&M Express in addition to cash.  All others will only accept cash.   We expect to have all machines converted to the new system and on the network shortly. Find a machine that accepts W&M Express.


Need help with a specific function of your ID card? A list of contacts for ID related services can be found at ID Support

Door Access Permissions

Why can't I get in here?   Think you should be able to get into a building, but can't?  It's frustrating, we know.  Tribe Card Services does not control building access.   Here's who to talk to about that:

If you need immediate assistance during non-business hours, contact William & Mary Police.  However, they will require verification of your access privileges.

Building Type
Academic/Administrative Building Your Supervisor and/or Building Supervisor can submit a work request to Work Control
Residence Hall

Residence Life

Hiring a Contractor

Current generic access cards will not be issued to a company; instead, contractor employees will be issued assigned cards.  This will associate a specific person with building access, leading to more accurate tracking and building security.  They will need a W&M Sponsor to obtain an ID Card (usually the person that contracted their service).   

ALL contractor employees entering W&M buildings need a personal W&M ID card for door access.  More information about contractor accounts

  1. Collect personal information from contractor - You will need their full name, date of birth, home address, phone number, and personal email address.
  2. Create an Account - Use Request IT to submit a request for an affiliate account (in the Service Requests category). Include the building access that the contractor will need on the form.  This may be a list of specific buildings or a predetermined group of buildings.  For example: buildings with Pepsi vending machines.  
  3. Inform Contractor -  Inform the contractor that you have submitted the request.  They will need to wait one business day before picking-up their new card at the ID office.