ID Support

Lost or Stolen Card

Can't find your card?  Here's the steps you should take to deactivate your card and obtain a new card.  Temporary cards will no longer be issued.

  1. Deactivate your old card.  You can deactivate your card online through the TribeCard Center at  Stolen cards should be reported to the police.
  2. Get a new card.  Cards can be reprinted at Tribe Card Services during normal business hours, or at the William & Mary Police station after business hours.  The card replacement fee is $23.  If the card is reprinted at the William & Mary Police station, the charge will be collected by Tribe Card Services on the following business day.  Temporary cards will no longer be issued.

Contacts for ID-Related Services

Who should I talk to about...?  Here is a list of contact points for services in which you use your ID.

Service Contact Dept. and/or Form to Submit Requests
Card Replacement Tribe Card Services

Print Shop

Authorize an Express account user for copying purposes (web form)

Departmental Purchases
(via Express)

Use the Small Purchase Charge Card instead. Contact Procurement

Departmental Express cards will no longer function

Door Access

 See list in section below


Report machine problems to Caldwell-Gregory (web form)

Find machines and get notifications via

Make a Deposit

GET Funds (online deposits)

Tribe Card Services (in-person deposits)

Meal Plans/Card Swipes for Meals  Dining Services

 Off-Campus Express Transactions

Tribe Card Services

Online Services

(GET Funds Portal

TribeCard Center)

See list in section below

Report transaction problems to Tribe Card Services

Student Advantage (Discounts)

Student Advantage Website (Tribe Card Services)

Transaction History

View History at TribeCard Center

Report transaction problems to Tribe Card Services

Vending Machines (Food/Drink)

Report an Issue (web form)

Door Access Permissions

Why can't I get in here?   Think you should be able to get into a building, but can't?  It's frustrating, we know.  We may need to adjust your door access permissions.  Here's who to talk to about that:

If you need immediate assistance during non-business hours, contact William & Mary Police.  However, they will require verification of your access privileges. 


Building Type


Residence Hall Residence Life
Academic/Administrative Building Faculty Member and/or Supervisor

Building Type
Academic/Administrative Building Your Supervisor and/or Building Supervisor
Residence Hall Residence Life

Building Type Contact

W&M Sponsor (more info for contractors)

Online Services - GET Funds & TribeCard Center

Have questions about our new online service portals, GET Funds and TribeCard Center?  For assistance accessing the sites, you want to contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).  Anything beyond that, Tribe Card Services will likely be your best point of contact.

Problem Contact
Website Unavailable TSC
Can't Login TSC
Transaction Inquiries Tribe Card Services
Any other Questions Tribe Card Services