Need a Shuttle, Charter, or Transport Off Campus

Parking & Transportation is available to provide transportation support using 12-passenger vans or to coordinate with our contracted Charter groups for larger movements.  We support departmental and student group needs for movement on and off campus.  If we cannot support your request ourselves we will work with university-contracted providers to obtain the most competitive rate.  Movements within 50 miles of campus are considered local.  Our services include staffing a driver with each van.

Our rates are extremely competitive and designed to assist departments with affordable transportation support. All trips originate and end on campus. There are times when due to availability we may need to refer a request outward, it may be due to it's size and complexity. Otherwise we strive to support all requests in house with our staff of student drivers. 

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Event Van Rental Rates 
Short Events

Local movements lasting less than four hours are charged at a flat rate of $36 dollars per hour.  This includes driver(s) and fuel costs; additional costs listed below will still be charged.  Longer events will use the following price schedule.  

Monday – Friday
  • $90 per van per event
  • $16 an hour per driver, after 5pm driver rate is $24 an hour per driver
  • Gas, meter, parking and toll cost will be added
Weekends and Holidays
  • $90 per van per event
  • $24 an hour per driver
  • Gas, meter, parking and toll cost will be added
Additional Costs
  • Hourly driver fee is charged for every hour the driver is assigned to an event
  • Preparation time will be added to each event per van at the driver hourly cost
Charter Rates

Charters are booked using the university-contracted rates with Oleta, James River Transportation, and Venture Tours, depending on the lead time we may obtain additional comparative quotes.  In addition to the charter billed rate, we will charge a fee of $35 an hour for coordinating or managing any outside vendor support. 

To request support, submit the tribe form listed below and a transportation coordinator will be in touch to discuss your travel plans. Minimum notice required is 5 business days, however keep in mind for most trips the best pricing can be obtained with appropriate lead time, large group movements (>21) should provide 30 days notice.