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Visitor Parking

Visitor Spaces

Visitor spaces are provided only for individuals outside the university community who have legitimate business on campus. No vehicle which has, or should have, a permit is considered a visitor. Spaces reserved for "Visitors To" are intended for non-university affiliated individuals only. These spaces are enforced at all times. Passes to use these spaces may be obtained from the respective office visited.

Passport Pay-by-phone Option

The university has implemented Passport pay-by-phone App option to manage visitor parking on campus.   URL:

Non-affiliated guests will no longer need to stop by the Parking Office to purchase a temporary parking pass for the length of your visit. Visitors may park in any one of the designated areas and establish a pay-by-phone session to cover the cost of parking.  The minimum session is 2 hours and the rate is $2.50/hr.

How to Use the App explanation
How to Use the App

Click here to view a short video of how the system works. 

The PassportParking app is free to download through the App Store and Google Play

Passport How to Graphic

To establish a session, download the app, or go to, take note of the zone you parked in and follow the prompts, pay for the time you plan to be in the lot, and you're done. With the app, users can efficiently pay for parking sessions from their mobile devices, as well as monitor parking sessions, extend time remotely, view payment history, receive email receipts. 


  Passport Zones

Passport provides reminders and allows you to extend your time from your phone or smart device. There is no need to return to your car.

Due to online credit card processing fees, the minimum session time starts at 2 hours of parking. For frequent visitors we recommend establishing an E-wallet session, which allows you to setup a declining balance account from which parking fees can be deducted as used; This option will save you multiple transaction fees per session. Then just reload your wallet as needed. 

Where to Park explanation
Where to Park

In addition to the Kaplan, GradPlex Overflow, and School of Ed lots, the university has agreed to expand the use of the Passport parking app to the below list of locations throughout campus. The below lots are designated Visitor Only parking areas and as such are not available for use by Faculty, Staff, and Students after Fall 2020.

  • Zone 1480 - Admissions Lot - 25 spaces
  • Zone 1481 - Dawson Circle - 25 spaces
  • Zone 1482 - Ewell Circle - 6 spaces
  • Zone 1483 - Law School Circle - 12 spaces
  • Zone 1484 - Morton Lot - 25 spaces
  • Zone 1485 - Old Dominion lot - 35 spaces
  • Zone 1486 - Rear Swem Lot - 18 spaces
  • Compton Lot - 10 spaces (Hold until completion of Arena renovation) 

Temporary Passport Zone signs have been installed until the permanent ones arrive and can be posted.  These zones and timed or metered spaces are represented with a Standard File on the parking map below.

 Please observe all parking regulations when parking on campus. Do not park in reserved at all times spaces nor in No Parking Zones, fire lanes, ADA/accessible spaces, service/vendor spaces, on grass or sidewalks.

Parking Locations