Visitor Parking

Who can get a visitor pass?

Visitor spaces are provided only for individuals outside the College community who have legitimate business on campus. No vehicle which has, or should have, a decal is considered a visitor. Spaces reserved for "Visitors To" are intended for non-College affiliated individuals only. These spaces are enforced at all times. Passes to use these spaces may be obtained from the respective office visited.

How do I get a visitor pass?

One day visitor parking passes are available for $6.00 per day from the Parking Services office. Visitors who arrive after Parking Services closes at 6:00 PM may obtain passes good until 10 AM the following day, from Campus Police. Vehicles with visitor passes may park in any faculty/staff or student space unless the area is reserved at all times. Members of both campuses who have visitors coming to the campus should contact Parking Services for appropriate passes. Anyone coming to campus frequently is not considered a visitor and must purchase a decal to park on College property, or park in the W&M Hall lot and pay the kiosk for the appropriate time.

Passes are required at all times to park on campus from Monday at 7:30 a.m. until Friday at 5 p.m.

Please observe all parking regulations when parking on campus. Any space reserved at all times may not be used and you may not park in no parking zones, fire lanes, handicapped spaces, service/vendor spaces, on grass or sidewalks.

Parking Locations