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Carpool Program

Cut your daily commuting cost by up to 70%

To help eliminate single occupancy vehicle use and provide better use of spaces during periods of heavy construction on campus, Parking Services has expanded the carpool provision to include a unique permit, 23 assigned spaces, and additional daily use passes under a single rate. The program allows up to three (3) individuals to enter into a carpool agreement, purchase a single permit at the baseline Tier 4 rate to share.  All participants in the carpool must be of the same scheme (Students may not enter into a carpool agreement with Faculty/Staff).  In addition to the hangtag, the carpool will also receive 3 one-day passes per member for use when it is not practical for the pool to drive together.  Passes beyond the initial allocation must be purchased by the individual user at the prevailing daily rate.

All members of the carpool must sign the registration form when the carpool is first formed, a single owner (lead member) must submit in person and take responsibility for the carpool registration and also agree to be responsible for all and any citations issued to any vehicle in the carpool. All members must be present to terminate a carpool agreement.

The Black carpool hangtag will also carry equivalent parking permissions for the applicable scheme of the members; while encouraged you are not restricted to the use of carpool only spaces. The Parking Advisory Committee will review the use of these spaces each year and if needed adjust the number or reduce and return spaces to their original scheme.

23 Carpool spaces are located in the following high demand areas:
  • Law School
  • Parking Deck
  • Old Dominion Lot
  • School of Education
  • Yates/Randolph Lot