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Schedule of Fines

Schedule of Fines
Level I (Graduated Fines) -
First Offense: $10, Second Offense: $30, Third Offense: $50

Improper Parking

Loading Zone

Reserved Space

Improper Display

Expired Meter

Visitor Space

Overtime Parking

Parked Against Flow

No Parking Zone

Reserved Space - Motorcycle

Level II - $30

Move In/Move Out

Service Vehicle Space

Reserved At All Times

Special Event

Level III - $60


Fire Lane


Level IV - $110

Accessible Space

Illegal Parking with Restricted Privileges

Decal Offenses - $188 and/or Revocation of Parking Privileges

No Valid Decal

Display of Lost/Stolen/Fraudulent Decal

Tampering w/Wheel Lock Offenses - $275 and up

First Offense: $275

Second Offense: $500

2019-20 Fees:

Locksmith = $26  Towing = $88.50   Wheel Lock $62.50

W&M Parking Citations may be paid online to do so CLICK HERE