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Restricted Privileges

An individual with a decal who receives six (6) tickets (excluding voids and warnings) during an academic year will have their parking privileges restricted to the Kaplan Arena parking lot. This policy is in place as an additional incentive to avoid excessive citations.

Upon receipt of the 4th ticket within the same academic year, the decal holder or vehicle owner may be sent a warning notice from the Parking Services Office, alerting them that their privileges to park on campus with a decal will be restricted to the Kaplan Arena parking lot if they receive a total of six (6) tickets before the end of the academic year. The six ticket rule applies to citations issued to any vehicle registered to a family unit and/or to the decal holder, regardless of who was driving at the time the citation was issued.

Accrual of six tickets under this rule begins with the beginning of the academic year even if the decal is purchased after that time. Substitution of another vehicle on campus in an attempt to avoid having privileges restricted due to excessive tickets will not be permitted. It is the individual's responsibility to keep count of his or her tickets as we cannot guarantee mail delivery.

  • Upon receipt of the 6th ticket the vehicle will be wheel locked and the individual must return their decal, pay all outstanding fines, and pay the wheel lock fee. Return of decal and payment of fines must be done during the business hours of 7:45 a.m. to 6:00p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Parking Services Office. Upon receipt of fines and decal the Parking Services Office will remove the wheel lock and issue a restricted decal for the Kaplan Arena parking lot.
  • Individuals who have had their parking privileges restricted will receive a $110.00 fine for each subsequent violation. Parking will be restricted to the Kaplan Arena lot. Such individuals are not allowed to use meters or timed spaces.
  • Freshman and sophomores who were approved to have a restricted use decal through an exception to policy and who have received six (6) tickets will lose their decal and must remove their vehicle from the campus for the remainder of the academic year.
  • The (6) ticket provision does not apply to individuals that have not purchased a decal. Non-decal holders will be cited at the appropriate rate of $188.00 with the exception of metered parking. If a decal is purchased after an individual receives (6) tickets subsequent tickets will be issued at the restricted rate of $110.00. Students who continue to violate this rule will be reported to the Dean of Students.
  • The rights to have a vehicle on campus may be revoked by the Parking Appeals Committee, Dean of Students, or Director of Parking & Transportation Services.