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Boot: A device used to immobilize a vehicle for violation of the regulations, excessive debt, or unpaid citations (also known as a "wheel-lock").

Curb Marking: Color-coded regulatory designations that identify service areas or no-parking zones, used when placement of a sign is not practical.

Commuter: A student not assigned campus administered housing.

Disabled Vehicle: a vehicle which has stopped working or malfunctioned in some way.

Double-parked: A vehicle parked in a manner so as to block another vehicle, obstruct a fire lane, fire hydrant, or obstruct normal flow of traffic.

Grassy Area: These areas are considered to be grass, mulched, or any non-paved area or unimproved area where it is intended or desirable to grow grass.

Load/Unload Area: Parking spaces designated for loading/unloading heavy, bulky or voluminous material. Requires a decal or loading zone pass and is limited to 30 minutes unless otherwise designated.

Metered Spaces: Parking spaces in high demand areas designed for short-term use and require payment.

Motor Vehicle: All self-propelled vehicles that require state licensing to operate.

Parked Vehicle: Any vehicle that is stopped and has no driver, regardless of whether flasher is on or motor is running.

Resident: A student assigned campus administered housing.

Visitor: Individuals outside the College community who have legitimate business on campus. They may not be affiliated as a faculty/staff member, student, parent, or volunteer.