Carpool FAQs

Commonly asked questions about the new W&M Carpool program

Q1. How can I find partners willing to share a ride?
William & Mary has a special tool for matching commuters with similar work schedules and origins. With brief information that you provide, the W&M Rideshare Service (AlterNet Rides) will suggest several potential partners for your carpool. You can anonymously contact any of these potential partners to discuss possible carpool arrangements.

Q2. How many cars may I sign up for carpooling using one decal?
Under a carpool agreement only three (3) additional cars may be assigned to one decal.

Q3. When I use the carpool ride sharing service where does my information go?
The W&M Rideshare service is linked to AlterNet Rides, a company that provides matching software. Your information is entered into a database and is used to link you to other parties interested in carpooling. The database is managed by William & Mary staff. No information that you provide will leave the campus community.

Q4. Where are the carpool spaces or pods located?
Carpool spaces are located in prime locations around the William & Mary campus. There are 23 overall spaces arranged in 5 pods. These spaces are distributed as follows:  Law School-5 spaces, Old Dominion- 3 spaces, Parking Deck- 5 spaces,  School of Education-5 spaces, Yates- 5 spaces

Q5. Who is responsible if a ticket is given?
The Parking Office only recognizes the sole decal owner as the responsible party for all citations and vehicles listed on the carpool agreement. Members with previous citations or outstanding balances must satisfy all debts in order to join a carpool.

Q6. May I sign up any car to my carpool?
No.  Only individuals who are eligible for a decal may be included in the carpool.  You are required to give a registered student's name for each car you assign to your carpool decal.

Q7. May I participate in multiple carpools?
No.  Your car can only be assigned to one decal.

Q8. What if I have an emergency and need to drive into campus individually? What if I simply cannot make the carpool?
With the purchase of a carpool pass, Parking Services gives each carpool group 6 one-day-passes. These passes will allow you to drive individually and park in the appropriate faculty-staff or student designated areas. These day passes may be used at any time. Additional passes may be purchased at the prevailing daily rate.

Q9. Why would I get a ticket when I am not driving the vehicle and I didn't know that they were going to campus?
The Parking Office recognizes the vehicle as a carpool vehicle registered with your decal.  We are not equipped to determine if you were actually present and just forgot to switch the hangtag.  We will issue tickets according to the decal and if the decal is not present we look up the license to get the appropriate decal holder (which would be you, the sole decal holder).  When the license is not registered with the Parking office, we issue a no decal ticket and apply ultimate financial responsibility of the ticket to the DMV registered owner (which may be a parent).   Hence, it is extremely important that decal holders only list carpooling individuals they know and trust.

Q10. If I forget my carpool hangtag (for ANY reason), may I get a temporary decal for the day?
Yes. Each carpool may receive one replacement pass per semester, additional ones will be sold at the prevailing daily rate.

Q11. What happens if I removed everyone off my carpool list and they got a ticket with their car?  Am I still responsible?
If you wish to dissolve an agreement you, as the decal holder, are required to come to the parking office with the other member(s) and remove their cars from your decal.  If a future citation is issued we will check the timing of the removal with the time of the ticket issuance.  If the ticket is issued after removal from the carpooling decal listing, you are not held responsible.  However, if the ticket is issued before you remove the car, you are responsible.

Q 12. Is it possible for me to get a "HOLD" placed on my account with the College because of unpaid tickets, even though I wasn't driving the car in question?  Am I to understand that I may not be allowed to register for classes because of tickets someone else caused as a result of being on my carpool list?
Yes.  As the sole decal holder you are responsible for the decal at all times even if it is not in your possession (unless you report it as stolen).  Again, it is extremely important that decal holders only list carpooling individuals they know and trust.

Q13. If a ticket is issued, will I be notified as the sole decal owner?
You will be notified only if the ticket is not paid.  Otherwise the ticket is placed on the windshield of the car at the time of issuance.  If you are not riding in the car on that day, it is up to your carpool to notify you.

Q14. What is preventing me from signing up a friend to "use" my decal when I graduate after the first semester?  
Remember, YOU will be held responsible for tickets and "HOLDS" may still be applied to your account.  You will not have access to any transcripts and the College will seek repayment.  Finally, additional efforts will be taken when the tickets become unpaid, including wheel locking the car when it is parked on campus. Remember decals are not transferrable. If you are departing the college you may dissolve the carpool, allowing the remaining members to form a new agreement, you may then apply for a refund of the remaining balance of the decal up to March 31. After April 1st no refunds will be issued.

Q15. If tickets have not been paid and the decal is subject to being wheel locked, will Parking Services only wheel lock the sole owner's car?
No. Parking Services will wheel lock any of the cars listed on the carpool once they are parked on campus.  When a decal owner is subject to wheel locking, the parking privileges for that decal have been suspended and since any car listed in the carpool has the same parking privileges, any car will be wheel locked.

Q16. May a member of the carpool remove their car and apply for a new decal?
Yes, However the sole owner of the decal must be present to  remove someone from the carpool listing for that decal.  Any outstanding fines MUST be paid before the listing may be altered.  However, once removed, that car may be put under another decal.