Parking for Other Decal Classifications

New to parking on campus? Follow our Parking Checklist and you’ll be set to go!
1. Check your Eligibility and Classification, and get the decal that fits your parking needs  (check below for a brief description to help determine your classification).
2. Register your vehicle with Parking Services. Be sure to bring your current registration, proof of insurance, and a W&M ID Card or current driver’s license.
3. Place your decal according to placement guidelines outlined by Parking Services.
4. Know the Rules and Regulations for parking on campus, and follow them.

That’s it! Four easy steps to get you on your way.

Other Decal Types:
Campus Contractors & Vendors (Pink - Cardstock)

Contractor decals are sold to those who need to park on campus to work on campus projects or provide frequent services. Decals are assigned by the project or contract manager and are valid for the duration of the contract. This decal allows parking of personal or company vehicles in F/S spaces outside of the project fence line. Contractor Vehicle passes are granted in limited numbers; managers must submit request in advance to Parking Services for consideration to park in spaces adjacent to the construction or job site. If approved, contractors may purchase passes for use of these spaces. Short term projects less than 6 months in duration may purchase passes on a month-to-month basis effective July 1, 2017 the monthly rate is $32. Projects exceeding 6 months and annual term contracts are assessed the baseline (T4) rate. Parking within the designated staging area of the Kaplan Arena lot will continue to be provided for projects at no additional cost. Project managers should contact Parking Services to request passes for this area at the beginning of each project. Vendors in company vehicles are directed to use loading docks for deliveries and are limited to one hour.     

RUD  Restricted Use (Silver Adhesive)

The Restricted Use decal is available for freshmen and sophomores who have obtained permission to have a vehicle registered on campus. Students who have obtained this permission will receive the decal at a cost of $375.00 upon registration. Permission may be granted for employment reasons (at least 10 hours per week), for medical necessity or for approved volunteer service (at least 10 hours per week). Please allow two (2) weeks from submission for the approval process.

Requests for exception based on medical necessity, physical disability, or illness requiring transportation off campus should be forwarded to the Office of the Dean of Students. Eligibility determination will be made by a Medical Review Committee and forwarded to Parking Services. Forms for this type of exception are available from Parking Services, the Office of the Dean of Students, and on line.

Requests for exception based on volunteer service should be forwarded to the Office of Community Engagement in Blow Hall. Forms for this exception may be picked up at the Office of Parking Services, the Office of Community Engagement, or on line.

Restricted Use decals are also issued to students and staff members who have had their privileges to park on campus restricted to the Kaplan Arena (formerly W&M Hall) lot (see "Restricted Privileges"). Persons with restricted privileges and the Restricted Use Decal must park in the Kaplan Arena lot only from Monday at 7:30 a.m. until Friday at 5:00 p.m. They may not park in metered or timed spaces at any time, unless the space is also designated as a load/unload space then the specified time limit applies. For a complete description of the Restricted Use Decal program, please visit the Restricted Use Decal page.

MC  Motorcycle (White Adhesive)

The motorcycle decal entitles the registered vehicle to park on campus.  Parking of a motorcycle, moped, or motor scooter shall be done ONLY in pre-defined and approved motorcycle parking spaces.  Motorcycles parked in any location other than the pre-defined and approved parking areas listed are subject to citation. The cost of the Decal will be ½ of the base rate. For safety reasons, unless otherwise noted, these vehicles are not permitted to park on sidewalks, under building overhangs, inside courtyards, in buildings, at any time.

CWA  Christopher Wren Association (Silver Hangtag)

This decal allows parking at the Kaplan Arena lot and School of ED student lots 1-5 only. This decal is not valid in metered or timed spaces at any time. Individuals with this privilege may register up to two vehicles. Members with DMV issued handicapped credentials and the CWA decal may park in any faculty/staff parking space when standard ADA spaces are not readily available. During W&M School breaks the CWA decal is valid in student spaces within the Parking Deck and faculty/staff spaces along James Blair Dr. The CWA decal is not valid in off campus paid parking lots. Registration Forms for this decal are available at Parking Services and online in our Forms & Documents section.

Gen  General (Gold Hangtag)

General decals are intended for non-William & Mary affiliated persons who volunteer at the university or have a frequent need to visit and use university facilities. The General decal allows parking in faculty/staff spaces, except those reserved at all times.

VIMS or  VIMS-A VIMS (Teal Hangtag or Adhesive)

Parking on the VIMS campus is by permit only. Faculty, staff, and students who purchase VIMS only decals may park on the Williamsburg campus at the Kaplan Arena lot and the Plant lot only. A temporary pass is required to park in other parking lots on campus.

CP  Carpool (Black Hangtag)

This is an option for Commuter Students Day or Evening, VIMS Students, and Faculty/Staff who desire to carpool and share a hangtag with members of like schemes. The program allows up to three separate owners to register their vehicles under a single carpool agreement. Carpool designated spaces have been placed throughout the campus in high demand areas (Deck, Law School, OD Lot, School of Ed, and Yates Lot). See Carpool section for additional details of the program.

LTS  Long-Term Storage (Silver Hangtag)

Residents who do not require frequent and regular use of their vehicle may opt to purchase a long term storage decal instead of a main campus decal at ½ the cost. This decal authorizes long-term storage at the School of Ed Lot 3. This decal is not authorized on the main campus at any time without purchase of an additional temporary pass. Students can access the School of Ed lot 3 by way of the WATA Green Line daily.

Temporary Passes (Scratcher - color varies with privilege)

For customers who do not wish to purchase a decal for year round use, we have a daily temp pass equivalent. The cost of a daily pass is $6 and evening pass is $3. Temporary faculty and staff may purchase passes on a weekly basis at the approved tiered weekly rate. Freshman and sophomores who do not qualify for a decal may under extenuating circumstances purchase temporary passes for short term periods not to exceed 14 days. All students may purchase a temp pass following the Thanksgiving holiday until Winter break at the prevailing daily rate. Students may also purchase temporary passes for guests in advance; you must have the vehicle license plate number to do so.