2013-2014 Schedule of Fines

Level I (Graduated Fines) - First Offense: $10 Second Offense: $30 Third Offense and subsequent: $50

Improper Parking  , Loading Zone, Reserved Space,  Improper Display, Expired Meter , Visitor Space, Overtime Parking,  Parked Against Flow, No Parking Zone, Reserved Space - Motorcycle  (Level I offenses reset each decal year)

Level II - $30

Move In/Move Out,  Service Vehicle Space, Reserved At All Times,  Special Event (not towed)

Level III - $60

Crosswalk, Fire Lane, Sidewalk/Brick/Grass, Wheel Lock, and Special Event-Towed (When applicable a Locksmith fee may be added)

Level IV - $110

Accessible Space,  Illegal Parking with Restricted Privileges

Decal Offenses - $181 &/or Revocation of Parking Privileges

No Valid Decal or temporary pass,  Display of Lost/Stolen/Fraudulent Decal

Tampering w/Wheel Lock Offenses - $275 and up

First Offense: $275  Second Offense: $500

For additional details see Parking Rules & Regulations 2013-14 (pdf)

Payment Policy For Parking Fines
  1. Payment may be made by cash, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) or William and Mary Express card. Coins must be appropriately rolled and are not accepted in bulk. Checks will not be accepted from Seniors after May 1, through graduation.

  2. Employees at the VIMS Campus may mail checks, money orders or cashier’s checks to the Office of Parking Services. All checks should be made payable to the College of William and Mary. Alternatively, they may use the Campus Mail.

  3. Owners of vehicles that have been towed must pay all outstanding fines and fees by one of the methods in #1. If payment is made at the Campus Police office, the William and Mary Express card may not be used. The towing contractor must be paid the towing fee and storage fees, as well.
  4. Payment for fines for wheel locked vehicles may be accepted in the Office of Parking Services by cash, check, credit card or W&M Express card. The wheel lock fee is not reducible. Owners of wheel locked vehicles who have lost their privileges to park on campus must surrender their decals to Parking Services and may not pay at Campus Police to have their wheel lock removed.

  5. Each license plate will receive one no decal warning which does not require payment of a fine. After the first warning violation, subsequent citations must be paid. Warning citations are recorded permanently and are not reset each semester.

  6. Non-payment of past due fines will result in an “administrative hold” in Banner this may preclude students from registering for classes or from receiving diplomas and transcripts. Holds will only be removed upon payment of all past due items. Non-payment of past due fines will prevent faculty and staff from purchasing a new decal or pass until fines are paid.  At the end of each semester Parking Services will transfer all outstanding debt to the Bursar's office for application to student accounts.