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Faculty & Staff Parking

All faculty, administrative personnel, classified, and hourly employees of the university and contract employees are eligible to register motor vehicles under faculty/staff status. William & Mary students who work part-time for W&M will have their eligibility determined according to their student status and may only purchase student permits.

Purchase your permit online.  Have your vehicle registration and proof of insurance prepared as a small .jpg or .pdf document.  If your vehicle is already registered, check the vehicle descriptions are up-to-date, then simply proceed to permit purchase.

Register and Order Permit

Faculty & Staff permit explanation and example
Faculty & Staff Permits - Main Campus (including Law and Ed. Schools)

f-s-hangtag.jpgor f-s-decal.jpg FACULTY/STAFF (Green Hangtag or Decal)

All faculty, administrative personnel, classified and hourly employees of William & Mary and contract employees are eligible to register motor vehicles and purchase a permit under faculty/staff status.

Faculty and staff may park only in Faculty & Staff areas and Permit Only areas, such as the Kaplan Arena lot or the Law School overflow lot near the cemetery on South Henry Street.  Members of the faculty and staff are encouraged not to drive their vehicles point-to-point on campus.  The local Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA) is free with W&M ID for cross-campus travel. (Law School to Main campus or Main to School of Ed., etc.)  For ADA accommodation, Transportation Services provides Main campus transport. 

Exception: Faculty may park in student spaces/areas if they need to teach a class or meet with a student and no faculty/staff spaces are available. Notify Parking Services at or 757-221-4764 of the time and location as soon as possible to preclude issue of a citation. Vehicle must be relocated upon completion of class.

Faculty and staff may register up to three (3) personally or family owned vehicles against a single hangtag. Multiple hangtag permits, if requested, will be sold at the full tiered price.  Second permits cannot be sold via payroll deductions. With the purchase of a hangtag, an additional motorcycle or convertible decal may be purchased at a discounted rate only.

VIMS permit explanation and example
VIMS Permits (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
vims-hangtag.jpg or  vims-decal.jpg VIMS (Teal Hangtag or Decal)

Parking on the VIMS campus is Permit Only, like Kaplan Arena Lot.  There are no separated designations for employees or students.  Faculty, staff, and students who purchase VIMS only permits may park on the Williamsburg campus at the Kaplan Arena lot and the Law School overflow lot near the cemetery on South Henry Street. A temporary pass is required to park in other parking lots on campus.

Emeriti Permit description and instructions
Emeriti Permits 

f-s-hangtag.jpgor f-s-decal.jpg FACULTY/STAFF (Green Hangtag or Decal)

Emeritus Faculty may be issued a Faculty/Staff permit with appropriate documentation of status (typically already requested by parking from Provost's office).  

Emeriti permits are bought online at  Login with your W&M ID and password to complete the purchase.  If you previously purchased the permit in-office or with a non-W&M email, simply set a password in the portal.  Review the step by step guide for ordering Emeriti Faculty permits online.

View a step by step guide that will walk you through the process of ordering a Faculty/Staff permit.

For Fac/Staff employees only needing to park on campus a limited number of days, one-day passes can be ordered with this form: Parking Passes Request form