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Disabled Vehicles

A disabled vehicle is one that has stopped working or has in some other way malfunctioned. The driver of any disabled vehicle is still subject to ticketing, despite its disabled status. A note on a disabled vehicle does not preclude ticketing. If the vehicle cannot be moved immediately, notify University Police (221-4596) or Parking Services (221-4764) at once to obtain a Disabled Vehicle placard for your dashboard and take steps to have the vehicle removed and returned to its proper parking scheme by the end of the day. Disabled vehicles not reported to either of the above agencies may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.

If your vehicle becomes disabled during normal hours of operation, contact the Parking Services to take advantage of our Motorist Assistance Program (221-4764) for help moving or fixing your car. The Motorist Assistance Program is equipped to provide jump starts, assist with keys locked in vehicles, provide access to an air pump, and provide a gas can and transportation to the nearest gas station. We can facilitate coordination with AAA and/or transportation to a dealer or repair shop.

Dillard is designated as a parking area for state vehicle storage; State vehicles awaiting repair or surplus must be removed from the main campus within 48 hours and stored while awaiting disposal or auction. Contact Parking services to obtain the appropriate pass and for specific parking instructions.