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Adjustments to Parking for Spring 2021 Semester


Updated - Monday Feb 15th, 2021 Items have been added to clarify some of the details and inquiries we are responding to daily. Update - Thursday, Mar 11, 2021 Landrum Drive map with parking specified below.

Full Description

The following adjustments to parking on campus were reviewed by the Parking Advisory Committee and subsequently approved by University Leadership in direct response to our continued COVID posture on campus. Starting January 4th, 2021 tthese will be in effect for the spring semester only:

  • A W&M Decal or temp pass is required to park on campus however parking schemes will be suspended. Any decal type (F/S, Resident, Commuter, and Restricted) may park in any lot.
    • ADA (blue) spaces, Reserved at All Times or F/S exclusive lots, Service Vehicle and State Vehicle spaces, or any space marked or signed for special use are excluded and remain enforceable as posted. 
    • Added - The 10 Visitor (Passport) designated zones are not included in this adjustment and remain in force as "Special Use" spaces
    • Added - This change is not a rescission of parking rules and regulations. 
    • Added - This adjustment was intended to provide additional flexibility to users needing to move about campus, or to and from campus. F/S areas have not been converted to Student exclusive use. Students should be judicious and cooperative in their use of F/S spaces. Homesteading in spaces for days at a time is not acceptable. Students who do not require daily access to their vehicle should continue to park in student spaces or lots (Commuter or Resident).  
    • Added - This adjustment does not override posted signage, signs denote set asides or special designations and should be followed at all times. Reserved and Special Use spaces are in effect 24/7/365.
  • All new 20-21 daily and hourly  options remain in effect.
    • Temp passes will continue to be available in bundles of 5, 10, 20. Order online using the prescribed Qualtrics form.  Please allow time for distribution ahead of the first intended use. Parking Services remains closed to walk in traffic so same day passes have been discontinued. 
    • Visitors, guests, and affiliated members who opt not to purchase a decal must park in Visitor designated areas and use the Passport Pay-by-phone app to cover their time. 
  • The Dillard complex while a short distance from the main campus remains a part of the university parking inventory similar to the School of Ed, Richmond Hall, Law School & Graduate Complex, and Ludwell Apartments. As such all standard campus parking rules apply, decals or temp passes are required to park during all hours of enforcement. 
    • To facilitate the needs of the Theater Speech and Dance Department as well as student athletes practicing at the Dillard Complex fields Parking Services can provide custom temp passes for students who otherwise do not need to park on the main campus.
    • Passes can be tailored and purchased for specific periods of time during the spring (Monthly rate is $14). Contact Parking Services at for details on how to request and purchase a "Dillard Only " pass. 
    • As an hourly pay as you go option use of the Passport Pay-by-phone app will also be expanded to include the Dillard Complex. A new zone designation is in the works and signage will be installed over the break. 
  • Freshmen and Sophomores who need to bring a vehicle to facilitate return to campus in the spring may request an exception to policy from Parking Services. An application is necessary to obtain approval to purchase a decal through the T2 Online Parking Portal.  For additional details  and the appropriate forms visit Restricted Use Decals. An approved exception is required prior to return to campus, please submit your application electronically to, no need to mail a hard copy of the request. The cost of a student decal in the spring is $188 and remains valid through end of the decal year (Aug 31st, 2021).