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Summer 2022 Bike Use, Storage and Donation

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Our office conducts a yearly cleanup of all campus bike racks to prevent them from being cluttered with abandoned bikes and ensure they stay available for use.  This year, it will take place on May 23rd to May 27th.  If you're not taking your bike home from campus over the summer, you should have another plan for it.  Don't let your bike get impounded!  Check the options below to see which one works best for you.  

description of summer use, summer storage, and donation options
Summer Use Tag

If you plan on using your bike on campus over the summer, you should stop by our office to obtain a summer use tag to make sure your bike isn't impounded during our annual bike rack collection.  Your bike needs to be registered to receive a summer use tag; you can register it at our office when you pick up your tag.  

Summer Storage

If you will not be using your bike over the summer, you can bring it to our office and we'll put it in the One Tribe Place Green garage for storage.  Your bike will be locked to a rack in a closed garage out of the elements, safe and dry.  The garage will be closed on May 25th and open again on August 22nd.  Your bike needs to be registered to go into summer storage; you can register it at our office when you pick up your tag.  


If you no longer need your bike, you can donate it to the Bicycle Co-op of Williamsburg.  Your bike will support a local non-profit organization that helps provide bikes to people in need at a reduced cost or free of charge.  You can bring it to the donation event below, or you can stop by their shop.   

Bicycle Co-op of Williamsburg Donation Event
Friday, May 13th 
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sadler Terrace

You can also donate it to our office.  We'll include it in our annual bike sale in the fall or add it to our library of rental bikes.  Both of these programs go towards funding Bike Alliance events.  Thanks for your support!  

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask: [[transport]]