News and Accolades - 2012

December, 2012

Designated Virginia Green Convention and Conference Centers
William & Mary Conference Services 

November, 2012  

March of Dimes Signature Chef Awards
Best Dessert: Bruleed Chocolate French Toast with a Caramel Orange Sauce and Gingerbread Ice Cream
Chef Dominique Lewis, W&M Dining  

Dining Changes Revisted

Dining Services has revamped its offers over the year, and the additions have been met with an array of responses as diverse as the changes themselves.

Dining Services Revamps Offers

Sometimes College of William and Mary students call for variety on the dining menu and recent changes to the College's dining programs aim to answer those calls.

Swem Switches Out Coffee Vendors at Mews

Students returned last weekend to find a refurbished and updated Earl Gregg Swem Library, equipped with a new scanner, new fine policy, aesthetic updates, extended hours and a Mews under construction.

Greenberry's Coffee Co. to Open in Swem Library

Greenberry's Coffee Co. will open their first Williamsburg, VA location mid-fall in the Swem Library. The Charlottesville-based company was chosen as the new vendor based on their serious commitment to high-quality sustainable products