Licensed Vendors

Any manufacturer of products bearing the official marks or identifying marks of William & Mary must be licensed before offering the product for sale. All retail outlets are responsible for insuring that the merchandise they sell is licensed.

William & Mary retains the right to approve or disapprove any product submitted and no product using William & Mary's marks may be produced without the approval of William & Mary's Licensing office.

All products bearing William & Mary trademarks, including text-based treatments, must be purchased from licensed companies. Please note that not all eVA vendors are licensed to manufacture products bearing William & Mary's trademarks. It is important to use licensed companies when ordering products as this ensures the product created meets our brand and quality standards. All licensees must obtain advance approval from the Licensing office to produce new designs and merchandise. Please allow appropriate time for approval in order to avoid delays with your order. 

Internal Campus Licensee Retail Licensee

I am a student looking to start my own business. Can I produce merchandise using the William & Mary logo?

Yes. You may work with a licensed vendor to produce and approve your merchandise before printing, selling and marketing your product.