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An Interview with Brad Funk at the W&M Print Shop 


Brad Funk at the W&M Print Shop

B: Brad
M: Michelle, interviewer

M: Can you tell me about your job and what you do here on campus?

B: I am the manager of the William & Mary Print Shop; we basically provide printing services to the entire campus, all the departments, and the students. We provide services including color copies, black-and-white copies, posters, books, and bindings. We even deliver to the various departments on campus, for free! From billboards down to business cards, if it can be printed, we can get it done!

M: What’s your favorite part about your job?

B: The diversity—there’s no two days that are the same, it’s always something different. It’s fast-paced and deadline driven. Everybody needs everything yesterday!

M: Do you have any memorable interactions with students?

B: Yeah! We help students all the time—one that sticks out in my mind is more funny than anything was when a kid that needed a 3’ by 4’ poster printed and waited, of course, to the last second to get done. He was supposed to fly out to San Diego with the poster, so he gave us the file, we printed it, and he showed up with his girlfriend. When we rolled it out on the counter for him to look at, his girlfriend immediately pointed out a typo! He then needed to get it reprinted, so he had to get on the phone with his mom and dad. We printed it out in time while he waited—for a poster that size, it only took 10 minutes to print, so it was more about the cost than the time. Sometimes it feels like we’re saving lives with kids and their last minute requests!

M: What is something about the Print Shop that most students don’t know?

B: Honestly, there are still a lot of students that don’t even know we exist. We’ve been on campus for three years, and of course we’ve been doing our best to get the word out. We get students coming up all the time saying, ‘I didn’t even know you’re here!’ It’s not located in the best spot for walk-up traffic and it’s a little bit out of the way, but it is nice and centrally located in the campus.

Brad Funk at the W&M Print Shop

M: What brought you here to William & Mary?

B: Before this job, I was on the tugboat for eight years and tore my ACL on my last day on the tugboat. With the tugboating industry, you’re away from home a lot and my wife was not a big fan of that. I was out of work for several months as I was trying to heal from that and it was just time for a change. I was in the printing industry prior to going on the tugboats, so that’s how I got in. Our sales guy is one of the guys I used to work with before, and he had taken a position with Hackworth. I saw he posted on Facebook that they were looking for a manager and production assistant for the Print Shop opening here. I wasn’t expecting to get the job because I had been out of the industry for eight years and I went mainly for the interviewing experience. I guess Mr. Hackworth liked what I had to say to get the job!