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Interview with Cody and DJ at the W&M Bookstore


Cody & DJ at the W&M Bookstore 

C: Cody
M: Michelle, Interviewer

M: Can you guys tell me about what you do here at William & Mary?

C: Essentially, we are the first people everyone sees about getting tech advice. At this current time, we specialize in Apple products and based on needs of the student or faculty member, we point them in the right direction for a laptop, desktop, or tablet. We will also be opening for servicing soon, for the convenience of the students and faculty. We do not know when this will start but know it is coming soon!

D: To add to that, we interact with students, faculty, and staff to give them the best experience while they are in the bookstore. That includes helping find the best fit for whatever their needs are, whether it be a portable charger for a phone or just a case for a new Macbook; We are here for you, the community. We will be opening for servicing soon which is the part about my job that I am most excited about, as well as now we do offer technical advice, if needed.
Our goal is to be the first place you think of when you need anything tech-related.  

M: Were there any memorable interactions with students? Did a student ever come to you with a really whack problem?

C: Unfortunately, we have a lot of people who get water damage and hope for a quick fix which most of the time means a new computer.

D: That one, was probably the one I was going for—I was going to say ‘do you realize the amount of wet computers people bring?’ A great example was when an individual came in with a completely soaked computer and wanted us to save the computer. I really wish we could have, but with it still dripping on the floor and water under the screen. There wasn’t much we could do except get that individual a new computer. We don’t have any excitement like phones blowing up or anything, fortunately.

M: What is your favorite part about your job?

D: My favorite part is interacting with people and diagnosing problems because I am a problem-solver. To an extent, I would say that it releases endorphins for us at that point in time, just like a runners high.

C: When someone comes in with an issue, it’s kind of like a puzzle and you just have to figure out and it’s fun.

M: What was a problem that you felt really accomplished solving?

D: One that I can remember very, very vividly was I dealt with rooting, people know about jailbreaking for iPhones but rooting is for Androids, and I rooted my phone and I ended up messing it up to the point that I couldn’t use it. I had to figure out how to fix it back so I could use my phone for work the next day, as well as that’s my alarm clock. Literally, I stayed up for approximately six and a half hours to fix my own problem. I was so into it that it didn’t feel like six hours, but before I knew it, it was three o’clock in the morning.

C: Can’t think of one off the top of my head but I will say if there’s something that we have to fix, we can’t just put it aside and worry about it later—we have to fix it right then and there. Otherwise, it’s going to bug us.

Cody & DJ at the W&M Bookstore

M: So, this is something you guys say you’re passionate about?

D: Yeah, definitely in my spare time before I got a job dealing with it. I was actually going to start my own business at first, and then I realized the bureaucracy of it was annoying, so I stopped that. I used to work at a retirement home and the elderly did not know how to set up their computers, so I would help them set up their computers, remove any viruses and keep them from worrying. I also did my own stuff, whether it be formatting my own computer, building my own computer, helping friends build their own computers, and stuff like that.

C: I would buy broken stuff off eBay and fix it up and resell it, but that was the extent of my business skills.

D: That actually is pretty impressive.

C: I mean it was at first, then eventually people decided to start scamming you so we’re done with eBay. It’s definitely a passion-project-type deal, just technology in general.

D: Also learning in general about new things because technology is constantly changing. I definitely enjoy the randomness of it.

M: How do you guys like working at William & Mary?

C: You always meet new people everyday, there are a bunch of different personalities in the students. As far as Williamsburg, there are diverse personalities.

D: I enjoy it, everything is central in terms of shops. I enjoy the bookstore the most, as you get to see interesting people come in and out whether it’s tourist or students.

M: What are your goals for the future?

C: Hopefully, have enough skill set under my belt where I can be part of a bigger business and maybe even manage other people.

D: This is a great place to help develop skill sets for the future of my career. Eventually, I’ll be working for a company like Google or Apple. I’ve already worked for Apple, but I want to work underneath major people like engineers who make the products that go into millions of peoples hands. I want to find a different way to incorporate more IT into certain fields that don’t have IT in it. I know it is in medical, but there are fields that most people don’t think IT can be used for. I don’t know 100% what it can be used for, but I believe computers can be everywhere—it might not be what everybody wants to a certain extent, but I think it’ll be a benefit.

Cody & DJ at the W&M Bookstore

Updated March 19, 2018