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How To Use

Meal swipes are used at Commons and Sadler for flexible dine-in and carryout meals, snacks and beverages. Each location offers a variety of options from comfort foods to healthy options and almost everything in between. All-Access plans provide unlimited meal swipes and Block plans provide a set number of meal swipes per semester.

Griffin Deals are meal deals at retail locations where students create their own meal by selecting their desired entree, sides and drink from available options. All-Access plans provide two Griffin Deals per day and Block plans holders can purchase Griffin Deals from their per-semester meal swipe allotment.

Dining Dollars are a tax-free declining balance available with each meal plan that students can use at all dining locations to purchase menu items of their choosing. Dining Dollars are valid only for active meal plan holders. Dining Dollars balances will roll from fall to spring semesters for students who remain enrolled in a meal plan but unused Dining Dollars will expire at the end of the spring semester.

Purchase Additional Dining Dollars

Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased in various increments at any time throughout the semester to supplement your meal plan. You or a family member can purchase additional Dining Dollars online at

Check Your Balance

Check your balance at or ask any W&M Dining cashier when swiping your card.

Meal Swipes
Griffin Deals
Dining Dollars

Swem Library

Aromas Daily Grind
Lodge 2
Boehly Grill
Mason School of Business
Tribe Square
Sadler Center
Domino's Pizza
Delivery Only
Element Cafe
Law School Cafe
Law School
Campus Center
Monticello Cafe
School of Education

The Bake Shop
204 Armistead Ave

Tribe Market

Tribe Truck
Sadler Terrace

Student X-Change
Sadler Center

*Students may use Dining Dollars for an $8 Door Rate at Commons and Sadler

All locations accept cash, credit and W&M Express.

Updated June 10, 2022