Self Service

Convenience Copiers

Coin Operated Copier

 (1) Lobby

Express/Visitor Card Operated Copiers in Swem Library

(2)  Lobby
(1)  2nd floor
(1)  3rd floor
(1)  Ground floor

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(1)  Lobby
(1)  Ground floor

**See copier locations on map of Swem below.



Other Express Card Operated Copiers on Campus 

Learning Resources, School of Education, 2nd Floor
Music Library Ewell Hall, 2nd Floor
ID Office Campus Center, 1st Floor
McLeod Business Library Miller Hall 2nd Floor

$1 Bill Changer

Located in Swem Library's lobby next to copiers -- (dispenses quarters)

Add Money to Express Card

Value Transfer Station (VTS)

Deposits can be made to your Express or Visitor Cards using the VTS machine located on the first floor of Swem Library, in the Mews Cafe.

The VTS accepts $1, $5, $10, & $20 bills and deposits can be made for the exact dollar amounts.  

Cash or Personal Checks

Deposits can be made with cash or a personal check at the ID Office in the Campus Center.


Deposits can be made with credit card at the ID Office in the Campus Center or online at Value Transfer online.

Convenience Copier Locations 

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