Course Packs

Are you planning on having a course pack for your upcoming classes?

The Copy Center is here for all your printing and copying needs, including course pack printing. The Copy Center offers copyright clearance services in order to print and sell course packs at the campus bookstore. To begin, instructors are required to follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Course Pack Information form for each course pack and the Copyright Clearance form for each book, journal article, etc. used in the course pack. Public domain and non-copyrighted works will not need clearance to print.
  2. Drop off, email, or upload course pack materials and completed forms to the Copy Center.*
  3. The Copy Center will obtain copyright clearance (if needed) and contact the instructor before printing regarding price and availability.
  4. Once approved, the Copy Center will print and deliver course packs to the campus bookstore. The course pack along with other required class materials will be posted by the bookstore ensuring our compliance with HEOA requirements and providing one-stop shopping for students.

*The copyright clearance process can take anywhere form 2-8 weeks to complete, so, to ensure course packs are available when needed, please submit the course pack materials, along with the appropriate forms by July 1 for Fall Semesters and by November 1 for Spring Semesters. All course packs submitted after those dates may not be available for the start of the semester, however, course packs may be submitted at any time.

Note: The copyright clearance is valid for ONE SEMESTER ONLY.

For more information on copyright, visit the College of William & Mary Policy and Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Works or contact the Copy Center.